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Sunday, 10 January 2010

The high hopes

I visited Fluffy today. Her condition has not changed too much from how I saw her but everybody said she was doing better. I didn't see it yet. Or maybe I was over worried??

She didn't eat anything today except the soft food that she was forced to consume and that water added with vitamins and stuff from the vet we went to last Friday. We left her home for a couple of hours to run some errands then went home by 7pm.

Again, I must be showing me being over worried that Sharul got pissed, commenting that I should then bring Fluffy home to take care of her my self.

That did it! Maybe I should care less now. Or don't care at all.

I am hurt and I hate it much. I love the cats like I never did before. I wasn't a cat lover. I didn't care of their existence even. Now seeing her sick, it breaks my heart to pieces. And Sharul is not helping but making me feel worse!

I may sound crazy but I wish for that feeling now. The feeling of not caring about that live creature. Not caring about my sick Fluffy baby so I don't have to go through this heartbreakingly painful feeling.

Can I? I am hurt and I hate it much!


seagull said...

i remember seeing cats who knew where to find medicine on their own... i think they just chewed some grass and they would vomit. after that they were okay.

Lulu said...

I agree with Seagull.. my mom pun pernah ckp, cats really do that.. hope Fluffy gets well soon..

Suzila A said...

i heard of that too but my cats are very domestic. they refuse to go out. thanks for the tips..

Suzila A said...

lulu, we once let Prince Whiny out, letting him go off our hands. guess what he did right away.. ran towards the door and up the stairs! really, our cats are unlike others. takut keluar rumah one!!

amaryllis said...

I know how u feel. When my cat gets sick, i'm the only one in the family who acts like a crazy person...who worries too much. because i know that animals can't really say what hurts and it gets difficult to make the healing process quicker. if humans we know kalau demam dia cakap mana sakit etc etc. with cats or other animals we just depend on vets and assumptions.

I have another cat named Misha...looks like fluffy. there was a time when she nearly died...i cant remember what happened but she was badly wounded and was soo weak. my siblings made fun and said "dah tak lama lagi ni..." and Misha could die anytime. But then I didn't give up. Misha, like Fluffy, didn't want to eat (didnt even have the strength to get up...i cried everytime she tried to get up nak jalan then jatuh balik). So every feeding time i was there...fed her using the shringe...spent more time with her...and then lama2 alhamdulillah she got better.

So i hope you and sharul won't give up. yeah i know that some people can be jerks sometimes but im sure sharul is trying his best.

Princess Gizmo said...

oh about those chewing thingie... Suzi you go buy some grass for cats!! I mean buy some seeds & plant it, then put it indoor!! Ada tu bjual arah Pet Vision i think :) problem solve, the cats don't have to go outside :)

Suzila A said...

doll, it's annoying. it's hurting when someone i know cares about fluffy as much as i do is saying things like that to me. i feel mocked! it hurts..

Suzila A said...

maya, never heard of this before.. bah will visit pet vision tomorrow and see how it goes. sharul's house is not that big jua. kandang sudah pindah ke bawah rumah since the cats don't like kena kandang pfft! so the whole house is now actually their 'kandang'. luckily his dad is a pembersih one. so every time the cats poo or pee, terus cuci so the house is clean all the time and not berbau.. i wonder what he thinks of indoor planted grass huh! hehe :P

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