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Sunday, 10 January 2010

The upsetting condition

Just got home now but honestly, I wished I could be somewhere else. With Fluffy to be exact. When we went out tonight, and about to get into the movie, Sharul's sister left a message at my Fb status saying Fluffy was doing worse, with lots of saliva coming out of her mouth and runny nose. That was a turn off but we decided to go ahead watching the movie and be alert all the time with our phones set to vibrate mode. I planned to go to Sharul's to visit her after the movie but little that we knew that it lasted for two hours! And I had to be home before midnight.

He was looking after her all day since he was on leave. With her condition yesterday, we've done what we could .. taking her to the vet, got her antibiotics and flu pills but when her condition stays the same, it's really upsetting. Now she still got that greenish discharge from her nose and watery eyes, and still breathes through her mouth. What more can we do??

Sharul said she did eat some and drink water today. We thought that was a progress, till tonight. I hope she'll make it. I wish I could bring her home but I don't wanna stress her with the new environment at my place. Her condition really worries me and it's upsetting that I can't do much more than what I've done so far. It's frustratingly upsetting! :(

I found her with a shocking condition yesterday morning: saliva on her mouth and greenish mucus on her nose. After I wiped them off, she went to sleep with her tongue out. It breaks my heart seeing her in pain like that :'(
And her nose kept those discharge flowing out like .. continuously! I wiped it off her nose to help her breathe easy, I hope, but that didn't help much coz it made her breathe through her mouth even more! I was clueless but I just couldn't let those mucus blocking her nose, could I?? Her breathing was slow too. She inhaled deep to take in more air :(
At the veranda for 3 hours, trying to give her more air. This picture is showing how Fluffy is struggling to breathe in some air slowly. I forced her drink some water and soft food to keep her stronger. I know I hurt her by doing so but I knew I had to do it. Sorry Fluffy baby :(

Sharul promised to look after her all night tonight and keep me updated. Now I'm gonna have a sleepless night thinking of her.

Fluffy, please get well soon. Mommy is worried :'(


Anonymous said...

kesiannn =(( I know how u feel. I pun x boleh duduk diam if my cats are sick.

Suzila A said...

ya lah kan... did our best but she's still like that. am hopeless now & just pray she'll make it again this time :(

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