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Saturday, 9 January 2010

The things I need to get used to doing

1. Going to bed as early as 9pm every night. Now the eyes are used to napping at mid night. I look like a zombie at work!

2. Hit the bathroom earlier. I have no problem waking up early, thanks to my alarm clock. But it is after the dawn prayer that the time flies as my body drags to bed again for a quick nap, only to realise that I am LATE for work!

3. To start going 15 minutes earlier than the planned time. I realise that, every time I plan on a time to do something or go somewhere, instead of confirming to THAT particular time, it becomes my starting point to actually .. start going so I ended up LATE again! Usually 15 minutes late!

4. That twice or once a week hiking routine. I hate it when my body is restless when hiking or brisk walking, unlike it used to be. One whole month of rest really did it this time pfft!! I should get back to schedule!!

5. To stick to that carbs intake. I can't stop eating and eating that I feel heavier and heavier now. I guess the body is being used to getting in those carbs! Darn KFC and Burger King!!!

6. Texting DF more often, asking how he is and has he eaten or such. I nudged typing this sentence actually but I know I must start to play that "good wife" role. I'll get used to it!

7. To commit to him more than before, especially dividing my time between him and my friends, especially on the weekends. It's the only time that he's free and I guess it should be fair to spend the time with him at those times than with my friends. So, my dear friends out there, BLA+1 included, I am fully booked on Saturday and Sunday okay. Any days, am yours ;)

8. To keep aside a few cash for emergency cases. It hurts seeing dear ones in trouble and it hurts more when I find I can't help them much financially. This includes the beloved pets. And Fluffy, please don't be sick again ..

9. To carefully click the right buttons on confirming comments on this page. Today, instead of clicking on the "publish" button, I think I accidentally clicked the "reject" button coz none of the comments I so-called approved appeared. To the commenters, I apologize. You know how clumsy and absent-minded I can be erk!! You're much welcome to comment again and let's see if they come up this time ;)

10. To contribute more ideas on writing at my other blog page. I have been away for so long .. I apologize .. Will try to post more this year. And make it more interesting! :)

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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