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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The signs of..

I got the signs .. This year, I've been given two big duties. And I DON'T fancy it!

Hope there won't be anymore past experiences. I hope there will not be me being unhappy with my job again. Stressed with the pressure of overloading extra duties. Headaches over worries of being perfect.

No more! Two YESes, and next will be a big NO NO!

For the record, I am happy now. After 6 years of teaching, I am finally loving the work I am doing because I FEEL it now, like the first few years of starting off. Alhamdulillah for His continuing bless, making me at ease and lessening my worries. I don't get anymore heavy headaches and I am sure this is because my blood pressure has lowered down. My asthma is no longer here, thank God, especially with the weather Brunei is having now. Alhamdulillah.

I will definitely say NO next time. Definitely!!


Princess Gizmo said...

I agree with you ling! :) hopefully this year we will lead a more meaningful, blissful life.. Aminn..
P/s: I just updated my blog too!! What a coincidence!! Hahaha...

Maya & Baby Sarah

Suzila A said...

yea, just got online now. been away looking after fluffy after work. she needs me around so i don't have the ample time to sit down and update my blog entries. i don't go visit her today. been a long day at work. besides, she's doing much better yesterday, though without her voice still. kesian...

i read your entry today. i don't have any resolutions list this year. i don't think i've achieved what i planned last year too hehe :P you very well know how i hated 2009 so.. couldn't be bothered to look back ;)

aaamiinn to that! may be have a more meaningful life journey this year ya. for us all!! *hugs*

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