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Monday, 25 January 2010

The uncertain alert

I got home late today after a long afternoon meeting. Gotta write up the minute later before I start forgetting the details. I feel warm and weary. I hope am not getting infected by those coughs and sneezes at work. Please Ya Allah. I don't wanna fall sick :(

So as I drove into the junction to my house, I saw long queues of cars parking on both sides of the road. The first question that came to mind was: "Who died?" I recalled of not getting texts of calls from home so it couldn't be anyone in the family, alhamdulillah. Then I thought those cars could've been the parents waiting for their kids from school (my house is near a primary school so ..). Then I intended to go downhill towards a mini shop to buy me a $5 easi. Indeed, someone did pass .. I saw men and women gathering outside a neighbour's house. There was also a tent: the usual scenery when someone was lost. Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun .. From Him we came so to Him we return ...

At the shop, I asked the cashier: "Who died?" She told me who it was and when I asked of the cause of the death, she said, heart attack, some time at 3pm. The body was yet to be home so the burial would be held tomorrow then ..

As I got home, I asked my brother whether he'd heard of the news. Our parents were already at our neighbour's. What baffled me was, the one my brother mentioned was not the same person I was told by the cashier just now. I was like ... who died?? Now my parents are not home yet. Whoever it may be, I pray that his or her soul remains blessed and placed among those with Imaan, aamiinnn ...

Death doesn't send us the alert. It comes and brings our soul with it one day. I pray that when my time comes, I am ready for His Jannah without troubles. I have sinned before and I know time is running shorter for me as I breathe. I pray that Allah forgives me and gives me a chance to be better. I pray to stay healthy, strong and be His obedient servant.

I pray that I am placed among those whom He loves ... aamiinnn ...

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