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Sunday, 10 January 2010

The update

Just got off the phone with Sharul now. He said Fluffy is doing better though still with runny nose. She has gone sensitive to her surroundings, paying attention and all, unlike days before. I hope that's a good sign..

I called Anicare asking for advice. I like the person I talked with. The vet gave me suggestions on what to do and all. Fluffy would need to be given drips since she doesn't eat and drink much so she should be dehydrated. The clinic also offers dehydration injection so she would need that too. The vet needs to see the pills she's taking to see if the antibiotics she's been given is of enough dose or not. If it's not, she would need extra ones.

When I asked how much everything would cost, the vet said it could cost more than $100...

What scares me is when the vet said, "We'll see whether your cat will make it or not."

Seriously, I don't think I am ready to hear comments like that, though it's the truth. Really, it scares the hell out of me.

I told Sharul over the phone of the conversations I had with the vet. He said to wait till tomorrow coz Fluffy is showing a bit of improvement today. He's been feeding her with soft food and forcing her to drink.

Fluffy, be strong. Please get well soon. Please... :(


Princess Gizmo said...

Hi there.. Hope Fluffy will be getting better & better!! Just do what necessary okay? Kisses for Fluffy!!

Suzila A said...

thanks dear. she's showing progress when i visited her today but she still refuses to eat. i can't do more than forcing her to drink some water. it's added up with some vitamins & stuff from the vet. hope she'll respond to that..

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