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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Day I Feel Loved :-)

So far, I've received 14 text messages, 9 MSN wishes, 17 Facebook wishes, 4 greetings and 3 wishes from bloggers :-) Thanks all!! Love you guys to bits!! :-)


Ainn said...

happy birthday. :)

junjongbnb said...

Happy Bday :)

Scarlet said...

Happy birthday darling! have a marvellous one! lawa jua junjungan ahhh... exclusive laaa.....

Waaaaa lawa rantai dolphin nya...pandai Sarul pilih..

Suzila A said...

Hi Ainn! Thanks dear :) I saw you at Rimba traffic light. I was driving next to your car but you seemed pretty occupied with what's in your head hehe. Thinking of someone?? I think I know WHO he is ;)

Junjongbnb .. Thanks! Hey! You found me!! :D Browse through my blog archive and you'll get to see pictures of Dinawan :) DO build something like it yea and I'll be your very first customer!! :D

Hi ting!! Awuuuu! And it's not only a necklace. It's a bracelet too! :D Awesome huh! He knows me that well hehe *head over heels* ;)

Bah let's go to Junjong B&B after Nijam's wedding! Am sure we all need a break before ANOTHER wedding starts huhu~~ Count me in anytime! :)

Zima's friend said...

happy birthday!

Suzila A said...

Hehehe Hi Zima's friend ;) Thanks! :)

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