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Saturday, 4 April 2009

What am up to ..

Been neglecting this page for quite some time. Apology to all. I wasn't really busy. Just didn't have the mood (or 'mojo' as what Maya called it) recently.

The new workplace is so big that I have no energy left to do any blogging or online chats. All I ever needed this week was my pillow and my bed. Seriously! And with the air-con now been repaired, I could sleep like a baby. The consequence? I felt tired because of over slept! I know right then I should STOP the afternoon nap the soonest. Bad habit!!

Apparently, it's the PMS too that's made me so not in the mood lately. I knew I had too many things to do but my brain seemed blocked with .... nothing! I just felt tired. I know! I have complained so much on my exhaustion in my previous entries. Even Danny was sick of it (yes Danny! You said that!!).

Hmm .. I guess it's not too late to set a timely resolution list ;) Am gonna turned 30 next week so, I'll make this list as my goals from now on hehe :P

1. Not to take simple things so majorly anymore i.e. Never listen to your whining of being tired! You can beat it!

2. Not to spend too much time online. DON'T get too addicted. Remember what happened 2 years ago in Tagged?? Learn from it Suzi!! <-- Am not sharing that little secret guys sorry ;)

3. You've lost weight, you can feel it so ADMIT it! STOP saying you're fat Suzi! You were, NOT anymore!! <-- Ok, I know this sounds bitchy but, WTH! I need the motivation :-P

4. Say "I Love You" more often to Sharul please ... STOP torturing him will ya!!! (Ehehe .... bye-bye inner ego!!)

Well, that's all I could think of right now ... I know there are more but it's somewhere out there. Whatever it is, I MUST achieve it! Am turning 30 soon and I must change for good! I MUST!!

Yesterday outing with Lulu and Leng had finally made me in better mood. After the all afternoon out to movie and tea, I finally got the grasp of the profession that I had lost passion in for the past few months. I finally realised that I had been traumatized with all the dramas and treatments that had made me feel like hell the past months.

2009 has just turned April and it's only just recently I could feel its presence. To some, 2009 is still in its shadow. To me, after the transfer, I have begun to love my job again :) Am NOT happy for the ex colleagues who are still trapped in the previous workplace. I am glad that I am finally OUT of the shell!

Am now a brand new person. I have begun to see the beauty of my profession. The challenge is still emerging truly and been tickling the emotion, but to cover it up, I am a happy person! Lulu and Leng realised it. Johnny and Kiem also realised it when we met up for lunch last Tuesday. Nani also noticed it when we hung out at de'Fountain Wednesday night. Above all, Sharul appreciates my NEW image.

I realise I have become more attached to Sharul. I have looked forward to our weekend dates. Before, I used to see time fly and meeting him was just something that I had to do as written in my weekend diary. When he called for a dine out, I'd say, "Now?" or even bitchier, "Again?" when the last time we met was only the week before. I know! Remember the workloads? The piles and piles of paperwork to do? I REFUSED to be blamed for that old self of mine!

Myself now is I agree, a better person. A better girlfriend. And I am up to pursuing that list above! I wanna be better. I wanna be happier!

I can do it!!! :-)


Princess Gizmo said...

Hahaha.. "I LOST MY MOJO!!" phase ni hehe.. Anyway I tagged u tu in birthday wishes ahhh...Since ur b'day is coming why not do the tagged? Hehehe.. :P

Suzila A said...

Hehe .. Yea I just realised so did it right away! Love your 2nd LO babe! ;)

Princess Gizmo said...

Glad u had had fun in KL!! I envy u!! :D I c u have been to Time squares.. I love the bookstores there Borders!!!!!! I miss it!! Wish there is Borders in Brunei *sigh*.. Ehem did you try the roller coaster? Hehehe.. Me? Nope inda kana sruh oleh laling hahaha....

Suzila A said...

Yea, it was fun this time around. Maybe coz mission was accomplished kekeke :P Yea, I love Borders! Couldn't start from which section! It's just too big!! The roller coaster? Nope! Khatam sudah di JP hehe :P

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