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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Funny Yet Sweet :-)

Alright. Time to share my so-called 'romantic' plan with Sharul on my birthday yesterday. Here goes ..

I texted him 5 minutes to 12am, you know, killing that ego inside of me, saying all the mush-mushy stuff (for the 1st time I think erk!!). Sure I didn't get a reply right away coz I was sure he should be sound asleep by the time. So, the text sounded (and I 100% meant it from the bottom of my heart):

"It's 5 mins to 12am. I just wanna say 'thank you' for being there for me and loving me more each and every minute of my life. I love you and as I reach 30, you will hear me say those 3 words more than you ever ask me to. Mohammad Shahrul Faidzal, you're my heart, my soul, my everything. I love you. Forever and always.."

And so 5 hours later his 'golden' text came in ..

"Happy birthday my sweet heart. Mwaahz! I love you so much Sayang."

Hmm ... sweet! *tap fingers on keyboard* So I texted again:

"So, you're gonna pick me up later at 7, then what?" *hinting*

No reply!

... Then his sister's text came in saying:

"Happy birthday to you sis Suzi. Brighten your day with smile. Mom and dad said 'mudahan sehat selalu, murah rezeki and happy selalu'. We always love you."

... So, his sister could type a better message, as you can see here ..

I couldn't take the suspense, I spent the whole afternoon napping. By 7pm, I was ready but my Sharul was 20 minutes late! His reason, why the rush. Hmmm ... Okay!

So, I thought he had planned 'something' for me, you know, for my birthday. The next thing I knew, we were heading to Capers! I was like ... What???

So I jumped in with 'my' plan! *since his idea was not as I expected*

We headed to Wecan, as recommended by Lulu and Anih. Just before reaching the restaurant, Sharul gave me a card. I said, why now? He said, why not? So I opened it. I love the wordings. The sweetest part is, he's got our picture glued in the card itself.

Then he urged me to take my present from the car drawer in front of me. I was like ... now? He said, why not? So, I did. I love the presents. Good choice :) But why in the car? Why not over dinner?? He said, why not? So I was like ... Owkaaay ...

Before going out, Sharul hesitated. When I asked him what is it? He replied, how bout the cake? This time around, I couldn't help myself and said, you're a bad planner love!!! Really bad planner!! LOL!!!

So, the dinner was at Wecan. It didn't turn out as I dreamed it to be but I realised having him around on my day was just enough to make me special, especially with his innocence and all LOL! I am so crazy in love with this guy!! It's funny yet sweet!

What's more, he had to carry the cake back to the car for me to bring home as we were so stuffed with our so-called romantic dinner LOL!!!

The wordings:


You are my everything.
You are the waking world
that shines on me each morning,
and the dreamworld welcoming me
with your good-night kiss.

You're laughter when I need it most,
the ultimate shoulder
for every tear I'll ever cry,
levelheaded advice
when things can be fixed,
and simple tenderness
for when they just can't ...

You are my everything.
I feel lucky to know you,
and to be known by you,
deeply and truly known,
and so very lucky to be loved by you


I felt the love and still feel the love :-)

PS: To up-date, I got 14 text messages, 11 MSN wishes, 20 FB wishes, 4 greetings , 6 blog greetings :-)


Dismantled Doll said...

happy belated bday. sorry missed it. been busy going out of my mind. im glad it went well for u. best wishes

Suzila A said...

Thanks dear :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday dear!! Wishing u the best and may all of your wishes come true :) *syair*

Suzila A said...

Waalaikummussalaam .. Thank you *Syair* :-)

Fyzah / Nurul said...

teacher! happy belated buffday. wish u all the luck and the best! lafyou tcer~ (:

Suzila A said...

Thanks dear. laf u too! & enjoy Japan! ;)

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