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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hugs and Kisses

The entrance: Junjong Bed & Breakfast
The view from the backyard
The playground ..
.. and the swimming pool
Just like home :-)
At the attic :-)
The bedroom ..
The morning breakfast
Group photo before check-out

We finally got separated. The ladies night out was awesome. I had fun and my sleep was undisturbed as the bed was just fantastic! Fatima, Dayle & Chantalle left before Louie this morning while I had to wait for Sharul to pick me up later on at 11am. I killed the time chit-chatting with the landlord of the rest house we stayed over night in. They were a great couple and I think the husband a.k.a. manager of the Junjong B&B is the RTB newsreader. I thanked them for making such business and told them it's about time Brunei has its own weekend get-away where you escape from the hussle and bussle of the city. Do visit this to find out more about the rest house and its cost :)

Time passed, I shared with the couple of Dinawan. They were then eager telling me their up-coming project on building more rest houses or cabins. Sure I gave them details of how Dinawan cottages or huts are. The wifey then requested me to add her on Facebook so she could see the pictures I took in Dinawan. Of course I'd do that, soon! If we could have an artificial Dinawan here, why not! It's cheaper and nearer. It would save the time traveling to KK too I believe.

Sharul came a few minutes before 11 and off I went to Yanti's engagement at 3pm. She looked stunning in her gold coloured Kebaya. I had to control myself from letting the happy tears rolling down my cheek when we hugged after the ceremony ended. "Don't! Or I'll start crying too!" she whispered. Gosh! I couldn't help myself and I let those tears fall. I had to hide it from her coz she'd sure start crying too if she saw me I did. I am so happy for her!

Now it's almost 10pm. I just got back from YMRM buying 3 sets of cloths for my brother's wedding in June. Gosh! I was so tired and sleepy that I had to call Sharul to help me choose. My sisters were just too occupied with them choosing theirs. I gotta say, I'm gonna look glitterish coz my 3 sisters decided to have those as the theme! I was so annoyed! Am sooo gonna look like a clown!

Okay dowkie! See you all in the next entry. I need to rest my eyes, and my frozen brain! I need to sleep!

Nitey nite people! Mwahs!


Scarlet said...

Erk~I dun like my make-up heeee.

Ur time will come ting in December.. Hope ur dream will come true. AMINN..

Suzila A said...

C'mon! You look gorgeous what!! *hugs*

Heee ... Aaamiinnnnnn ... :)

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