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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ladies Night

I am not home but out somewhere in the suburb with 4 crazy girls who are now sleeping soundly leaving me wide awake now. I only had 3 hours sleep last night and been trying to escape to have a nap but they just wouldn't let me. Now it's past midnight and here I am, blogging!

The rest house is cute. It's homey and comfortable. The girls got here at around 2pm but I couldn't join them as early coz I was stuck in a meeting at work. I could only reach here at around 6.30pm. Sharul was driving coz my eyes were all heavy! When we got here, we fell in love with the place right away and now, we've got another place to escape in our list yey!!

So what did we do all night? Lemme see ... Dinner (and Fatima cooked the best spagetthi ever!!) .. UNO ... and this cool card game Dayle introduced to us. It's like a traffic-slash-mileage card game. It was complicated for me at first but in the last hour, I got the grasp on it :)

The attic is the coolest part of the house. It has a sofa, quite a small space to hang out but rather comfy to lie down and chat, with blankets and pillows and all. The house has 3 bedrooms (I get to have it my own coz I told them I snore so they wouldn't want to share the bed with me hehehe :P), a kitchen, dining room and a foyer. It doesn't really have a living room but 2 chairs (and an Osim foot massage!) near the entrance. Of course I took a few pictures and will sure upload them soon for all to see :)

Am gonna go to bed soon. I texted Lulu about the place and I kind of get an idea of an outing for BLA+1 for my birthday treat, already! Could be here, why not! ;) After all, they all need a break! But too bad, it's all booked this month so I gotta plan it for next month or the month after.

I think by now you guys are wondering where this rest house is located. It's somewhere in Junjungan, quite near to the Kuala Lurah area. The cost, as I have understood it so far, is $150-$180 per night or $60 per room but 50% price for the 3rd room (so am paying only $30 for my room plus breakfast tomorrow). An additional $20 per head for kids if you're thinking of bringing your families along. It has a playground and a swimming pool at the yard. So it should be a perfect one-day outing for you and your families! :)

Well, okay folks! I will upload the pictures in the next entry. I should go to bed soon as tomorrow is Yanti's engagement at 3pm. It means, I have to leave the house by 10am, get ready by 1pm and off to Yanti's place. Can't wait to be on her big day but I'm sure gonna look like a zombie with panda eyes tomorrow huhu~~~

Nitey nite people! :)

PS: Thanks Louie for introducing the house to us girls! We're having so much fun! :D

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