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Saturday, 4 April 2009

KL Shopping Day 4

Morning mission: to Masjid India to buy gift pouches for Boy's wedding with Yanti, Bahri & Puchen ... I didn't take any pictures there as our hands were full with big bags! I spent RM170 on brooches and pins. It was a great bargain :)
My late lunch a.k.a. tea with Bahri at a Thai Restaurant at Mid Valley.
Purple dolphin???
Admire this saying ... It's an inspiration! The bookstore is so big!! I'll sure drop by here again in December. Bought 2 novels for great price too! :)
Roller coaster IN the building! Am NOT bluffing!!
Trying out that Fish Spa. 30 minutes for RM20. Cheap huh! ;)
Chinese Tea on the house!
Trying out that RM58 Foot Spa + Massage :)Ahaha ... What a small world! Met Isda there too! :)The fish doctor & the place we did it. Have a try! It's on Level 6 of Mid Valley :)At night, meeting up with Izz: My Doktor Cinta :) Thanks sis for your time! Sorry if I was bitching so much! That's ME ehehehe ... :p


izz said...

wahhhh dah siap updates semua yaa... ;D
thanx yaa sempat jugak jumpa..
(thanx jugak suggestion u hari tu...berjaya akhirnya...hehe...)

Suzila A said...

Hi sis! Hehehe :P Thanks to you too for your time!

Hehehe see! Told ya!! All the best with 'si dia' ;) *hugs*

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