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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Just went through some old pictures (and new ones) and since I got nothing much to do this afternoon, I decided to create an album in my Facebook. I named it 'Suzila & Friends'.

Now just finished uploading the selected pixies and leaving notes on each one of them. Also tagging those who happen to have Facebook accounts. Then I took the time checking all the pictures again, only to realise tears streaming down my face, especially looking at pictures taken with BLA+1 at work back then :'(

The new environment is rather hard to get on with. It's me, not the rest. I just haven't found the right combination or chemistry with the new faces just yet.

I miss my ex colleagues so dearly. Though I go out with some of them almost every week (updating each other's news), but it still feels different going to work without having to see them every break time or free periods. I miss the old time so damn much!! And I'm still crying now!!

Or maybe it's the PMS. Darn!!

The gang from Computer Department.
The BLA+1 professionally attached and socially very very close!
Mixture of departments. SMB will always be in my heart, except for a certain individual!! :@
Always been my favourite picture. Like it's taken from a studio. Salutation to Johnny's photo taking expertise :)

PS: Happy birthday to my cousin Yanti. I pray for her happiness to remain with her and her loved ones for many birthdays to come. Aamiinnnn *hugs*

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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