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Monday, 6 April 2009


I just read a blogger friend's entry and what a coincidence! Just today, this afternoon, I went to the old school and met Lulu and the rest. Then Suria was sharing with us Paris Hilton's new perfume. It's not bad, though I sneezed. Can't blame the asthma for that! I've always like Paris' stuff and her bags, I love 'em too!

Then Lulu was telling us about what she heard this morning about Paris. The DJ was playing her song and she (not sure it's a 'she' or 'he' but since there are more female than male DJs that I know in Brunei so I assume it's a 'she'. Can't be bothered to ask Lulu :P) was apparently a great fan of Paris! She babbled about how good Paris is and what a great singer she is, that she actually commented that Paris 'will' go somewhere with her singing talent! We all were like ... SERIOUSLY?? Well, I have nothing against her and I do like one song that she sings (can't remember the name erk!!). I think it's pretty cute! :)

Then Lulu added that the DJ also said that Paris is being 'misunderstood' by all. Dunno what she meant there but as far as me and the girls is concerned, Paris is one am-a-cute-blonde-who's-acting-stupid-to-get-popular kind of girl. And I agree! She does look stupid in that Reality Show of her and guess what! She DOES get popular with that! But you know what! I don't think she's like any other dumb blonds we see in Hollywood. I personally think it's just an act on TV. We all think the same in fact or else she wouldn't be a very successful businesswoman! You go Paris!! ;)

Ok, am off talking to my Mo now. He's finally online! Missing the dude to bits! Oh, he sent me another MMS last Tursday when I least expected it. Just sharing coz he means a lot to me. Don't get me wrong. He's just like how much my girlfriends mean to me too :)

And the message was "Missing ya dude". How sweet can he be!! Just on that very day, after a long day at work, I was thinking of texting him but I was too tired to even take out my phone from my bag. Soon after, I received the MMS :) I guess he read my thought ;)

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