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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tik ... Tik ... Tik ... Tik ...

In 5 hours, I will be 30 *breathe in .. breathe out .. I'm NOT old. NOT old*

This reminds me a lot when I was turning 20 ten years ago. I was in such denial that I refused to open the presents from my friends right up to the time when it showed 11:55pm (coz that was the time I was actually born). My heart beat fast as the time ticking to the exact hour. I just didn't want to turn 20! I wanted to remain 19 at least hehehe :P I think I cried a tear even erk!!

I don't quite feel the same as 10 years ago now. I am not excited. Not scared. Nervous? Maybe. But just can't find a reason why I should feel that way. Happy? Hmmm ... Yea, in a way. I am glad Allah has made my life this long, Alhamdulillah :-) Sad? Definitely not. But there are other things that get me thinking as I reach the digit 3. Things like ... Maturity. Future. Looks (obviously!). Health. Marriage. Kids. Well, the sort. A lot more. And so far, I have got a few in hand.

1. I can take care of myself (though basically I am obliged to staying with my parents til I am entitled to become a 'wife' to a somebody). At times, it's me my family turns to in terms of family matters. I am a halper. A problem solver. Without me, my mother's gonna be helpless. She always says this. So yes, I am a reliable mature woman (though am still a 'kid' to Sharul's eyes :P).

2. My future is yet to clear, either good or bad, I leave it all to Him. So far I've got my secure profession. I've got a car (though not a dream car of mine huhu). Financially, I am still struggling. I wanna own a house before I am 40 :)

3. I am still working on my looks. Gotta prepare myself for my big day next year huhu~~ I don't want to show pictures of my big fat bottom sitting on the aile to my grandchildren. It's my greatest nightmare!!

4. Alhamdulillah. I haven't had asthma attack since the last visit to the doc a few weeks ago. I still depend on the puffer, in case I get the attack anytime. And since the transfer, I haven't got major headaches anymore. So it's obvious that I seriously had high BP back then due to the pressure at work. Alhamdulillah ya Allah :-)

5. InsyaAllah, the big day will go on as planned. Sharul wants us to have babies (see the plural form there) soon after the wedding but I want to have at least a year to become his 'baby' ;) InsyaAllah. I need your blessing and prayers too people :-)

6. I have friends around. Azean still peaks the rest. BLA+1 are also the best I have around in life. I hope these friendships will last, so as my friendships with you guys out there. The older I get, the more friends I have. Strangers become friends. Friends become companions. You're one of them. You know who you are. Thank you very much :-) *hugs*

So, I have plans for tomorrow. I've shared with all the lists. I've got a place in mind for my night with Sharul tomorrow *blushing* and I hope it will turn well as planned. I have one problem left.

The cake.

I don't know whether to buy me the cake, or Sharul would. But since today's his mother's birthday, and he's buying one for her, I strongly think he's buying one for me too ;)

I will book the table after work tomorrow. I want it different this year. I want it specially celebrated with him. Sharul has promised to leave work early tomorrow too so I'm sure it will turn great!

Age is just a number. I always say it to birthday friends on their days too. So now, I am saying the same line to my self.


And I wanna add to that ...


And sure I will!! :)


ANIH said...

Yeah! U go gal.. Hihi funy n cute..but m quite t0uch pasal ckp ur m0m ah..yg she's dpends on u.. Imagn bila u kawen nti ling.. Safe tia x sama kau bh..dgr g ceta mu hri a2. I can feel it. Its kinda..ntah ah..sedih n dot dot dot.. P nda papa bh, walau u kawen..u treat her mcm u mseh single ling ah..
erm. Apa ni, nda time kn b,mendung..enj0y ur birthday ah.. Sharul g nah, awal k,bndr 2 krg! Hehe. Jgn lupa bok table for 2..!

izz said...

Happy Birthday sis!!!!
May all ur dreams come true...
may Allah bless u always... ;D

hazel said...

a very happy birthday and wish u all the best, especially on your big big event next year. Pray for u sis. Amiiiin.

psssttt... aries.. same my other half.. kot perangai pun sama, keras hati gitu..??

Suzila A said...

Hi girls! Thank you! :-)

To Anih, yes. I will surely try my best to be 'a daughter' still after becoming 'a wife'. Doakan saja okay :-)

To Izz, thanks babe! I pray for your happiness too darl *hugs*

To Hazel, oh thank you sister! Pray for it coming true this time ya. I need everybody's blessings :-) I still wanna look 'young' on the pelamin hehhee :-P Aries keras hati? Hmm .. No comment ehehe :-P Maybe ;-) Am lucky to have Sharul and I'm sure your other half is lucky to have you too *hugs* :-D

Thanks again girls! Thanks a million!! Mwahs!!

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