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Thursday, 5 November 2009

The day teachers are recognised

It's a day off for teachers in Brunei for today is the national celebration of Teacher's Day 2009. The actual day is on every 23rd September but its celebration was postponed till today. Part of His Majesty's titah today was the recognition of Education in Brunei as the top in Asia, 36th around the world, based on UNESCO statistic. Brunei teachers are indeed BERKUALITI and should be maintained. Alhamdulillah Brunei teachers are recognised :') His Majesty thanked them all today in his titah.

Among the recipients are my dear cousin Irman Hifni, colleague Cikgu Seri Ainey and another colleague whom I always respect Cg Boon Yin - we only met during courses and I always love her teaching materials. She is one dedicated teacher who loves teaching Menengah Vocational students. She shares her materials to see this group be better in future.

Congratulations to them all, and those other recognised recipients. You have made us proud and sure, you all deserve it! :')

I didn't go to the ceremony but I watched it live on TV. I managed to capture a few photos of the memorable scenes. Here they are:

His Majesty delivering his titah and thanking teachers of Brunei :')
Cikgu Seri Ainey and Irman awaiting the awards Anugerah Penghargaan Khas Hari Guru. Proud of them both! :')
My ex Sociology teacher at Maktab Duli 97/98, Mr. John Simmonds. He's one of the best lectureres I've ever had :)
Cikgu Seri Ainey and Irman on the stage receiving their awards :)
His Majesty and the royal guests leaving the Pleminery Hall of ICC

I'm all smiley now! : ) Happy Teacher's Day people! Especially to dear mothers, who among all, are our FIRST teachers before we enter the world of chalkboards and textbooks!

Happy Teacher's Day moms!! :D


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Hi anonymous. Lacks? That I don't know of coz it didn't really show on TV :)

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