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Monday, 30 November 2009

The hips won't 'lie'

I am still struggling to relax my muscles now. I've been suffering from back pain since last week. I did go for a foot massage, and shoulders. The result, was okay at first but now the pain is back!

Today's 5 hours helping Yanti with her hantaran decorations had made it worse too. I was maybe pushing myself too hard with the decos. It's 11 days left for her big day and I know we need to get it all done the soonest. Finally, we managed to finish all, maybe a few touch-ups here and there. The theme purple-silver-black is elegantly presented and I am proud to be a helping hand :) I can't wait to upload the pictures here but I know I shouldn't spoil it before the big day comes. 11 days .. wow cousin! Dup-dap-dup-dap!! Heee :D

My baju for her wedding is ready. Am gonna pick it up tomorrow. She's gonna wear pink, so do we. Not that I have a choice pfft! Yanti, if you read this, you know I don't fancy pick so ... :P Anyway, am going bling-bling on your day woot woot! Hehhee :D

Oooh my back! My hips! I can't lie down peeps. Now am face down and can't seem to move. If I do, my hips would send the message: "STOP!" to my head.

I guess I need another massage soon. Nyiaaahhhh .... Sakiiiitttt huhuhu~~~

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