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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The sleepless night

My eyes are heavy but the brain is still wakey. We just bought mum her retirement present: an automatic washing machine. She's 55 and without a maid, she's got nothing much to do at home but watching TV and doing chores in between. She's happy with the present. Glad for making her smile :) So I just did my mountainous high laundry using the machine. I don't like it! It made me wait longer than I thought. Hope mum will have her patience with the machine huhu~~

Zainul left for U.K. a few hours ago. He was moody the past few days that we seldom saw him at home. Most of his time was spent at the headquarter finishing his work and all. Poor thing. He's not happy to leave Brunei again. I cried a tear when he texted us all over another dine out after sending him off.

"Boohooo...miss you all..shet..take care ok..sorry i've been mengusut these past few days, sasak ku nada cuti before blayar wah, yatah, know that i'm never mad at you. will make it up to you nanti..but not bekirim barang k..huhu..kirim salam babu and bapa k. will give you a call once sampai. muah! you're the best!!"

Okay.. am crying again now *tsk tsk*

I can't seem to sleep. I guess it's one of those days when your brain just wanders around thinking of stuff, unimportant stuff even. I hate it when it happens. My body is all aching especially the hips part down. Maybe after that two weeks marking that my body is finally responding to the tiresome days.

Turning on my laptop, the screen shows the picture of my Prince Whiny and Fluffy. *sigh* I miss them so much! I wish I could bring them home but mum will scare them away. Wait till I get my own house then I'll reserve a room for them both and their juniors.

Here are some latest pictures of them both, taken some time last week.

Another picture of me napping with my babies .. *sigh* miss them lots :(
This picture appears on my laptop screen .. making me stare at them for a long time ..
Feel the love?
This is not edited but I find it looks like a painting, don't you think? At this moment they were teasing each other, hence the blurry picture. But I like this one a lot.
If cats were meant to have identity cards or passports like us humans, I'll make this Prince Whiny's picture for his documents! Grumpy ehhh!!

PS: I finally managed to go down to Southern Cross Tour Agency today. I've paid the apartments we're staying at for 3 days at Kota Kinabalu this December. Sharul will drive us there while Boy and Diana will fly off with RBA Airlines. Our uncles and aunts will drive too. Can't wait for December to come! At the moment, the aura at work is just .... *sigh* And I am doing someone else's part now to get a job done. Pfft!! *sabar Suzi .. sabarrrrr ..........*


Anonymous said...

omg when did prince whiny got so big? the last time i saw his pic he was so small!

Suzila A said...

i know! i see them like 2-3 times a week and sometimes i myself ask the same question. he's grown big! and fast too!

ANIH said...

Sedih ku membaca post mu ani ling..

and at the end..
Terhibur ku melihat gelagat c, whiny n fluffy ah..hahaha..kiut..a2 bisai d,org tdo sma kau ahh..hehe..

atu g mlampau gmbr c, whiny posing mcm c, bnr..mun tah ucing ani bepasport ahh. Hehehe

Suzila A said...

Fluffy is still manja & friendly, except when she's not in the mood. mun nada mood, kan di paluk pun tani di tulaknya pfft!!

Now si whiny ambong sudah. nda ya beguna kitani. di pigang pun payah2an. ngusut! he likes being alone. nda ya suka kana kacau. bagi malas! sometimes i wish he's still a kitten when he's so manja and cuddly. ani basar sudah, ambong bukan main pfft!!

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