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Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Sunday out

I pretty much spent today out of the house, with my family and Sharul of course (since it's the ONLY day he's off duty).

As planned last night over dinner, we did have another family eat out. This time at Vanda Orchid Garden Hotel. Mum wanted to eat dimsum. Besides, Zainul wanted to have some too since he'll be leaving to U.K. tomorrow night. It's another 6 months of army training. We're gonna miss him, and he's gonna miss my December function :(

This time, Bahri didn't join. Believe me, our family is big, the house too (but not as big as a mansion of course). Maybe it's the thing with big family and house that we've become rather far apart. If you remember my previous entry, I finally had a sit-down-and-chat session with my elder sister after ages of being in our own worlds when our rooms are actually next to each other. You see, we just don't talk anymore. With mum and dad, that's different. I see them and talk to them over breakfast, the only meal I have at home coz I usually have lunch out and seldom have dinner.

I wonder how my family bonding is gonna be when we all have our own families to look after .. And I don't want to live to see them go or leave me behind. I don't think I can endure the pain of losing any of them. Even having Zainul leaving for 6 months course oversea has saddened me. This reminds me of a saying: "Appreciate your loved ones because when they are no longer around, your heart sores with their absence."

Well, that's actually my line. I can't think of the exact quote but the meaning is there I admit. So .. I will make more effort making our family bonds stronger. I thank Sharul for making me leave the concert last night. He didn't have to say it, I knew he wanted me to. I just hate the fact that they DIDN'T plan it before I made mine. I guess this is what we get for not spending much time with those we called "families".

Our family trip is this December. We planned it all a few months back, but typical mum always canceled it in the very last minute. Lucky we haven't bought her the plane ticket or we'll have to drag her along no matter what the cost. So, when mum's not going, dad will stay behind too. Next in line are my two sisters. Zainul is out of the list since he won't be around starting tomorrow. I wish the trip will still be on coz Sharul and I need to buy something precious there for December ..

So, after dimsum-ing, Sharul picked me up and off we went to buy a ceiling lamp for my bedroom and its dimmer. That cost me a lonesome of cash since I'm pretty broke this month .. Next, we dropped by Mamih Restaurant nearby: Sharul had his lunch while I was watching last night's concert's repeat on RTB2. Seriously, those cameramen need to get serious training! The shoots were bad! At one time, when Feez Madea was singing, she was out of sight because this big speaker was blocking the view! Pfft! This is one of the many reasons why some Bruneians hate turning on to local channels. Really, not mocking them but just stating my honest view of the whole picture.

Next, we went to watch "This is it". It was ... I think am gonna write another entry on this. I feel I need to write it specially on what I think of the movie.

PS: Before leaving, dad was saying something that made me go ... awww ...

Dad: Jangan tah batah-batah. Kawin tah ..
Me: Ahh? *speechless*
Dad: Kawin tah .. Buat ku masih ada ani jua. Sampat jua liat cucu *smiled*
Me: *speechless*

So I told Sharul and he was quiet. Like I did. I honestly don't feel good about this and I feel like getting on with the wedding thing the soonest ..

Before dad changes his mind again ... Erk!!

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