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Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Saturday night fever

It wasn't a fever per se. I was annoyed actually.

So, I had planned to watch the Pelangi Awards Concert with Sharul and his two sisters. I even picked them up way before 6pm so to get to the front seats. It's free seating system so I just wanted to sit at the very front. Am not a big fan of all Brunei artists. It's just that I didn't want to go there and unable to see a thing from where we sat so..

Anyway, enough babbling. 30 minutes before the concert started, my sister texted me, asking where I was. She told me the family was going to have dinner out at KTM Restaurant at Jerudong. I was like ... WHAT!! Before I even replied, my brother called me, asking the same question. Believe me, NOBODY told me about it! Not a soul of my bloodline or those having the same DNA with me! And I just hate it when it happens. Always!!

I knew I wouldn't have a great time sitting there pretending nothing had happened. I called mum and she said, it's okay. I didn't have to go. Now THAT was just another way of a parent saying "Get here at this minute!" in a nice and soft way. Besides, Sharul was giving me the look: you should go. So, I called my other brother, Zainul, who apparently was on his way to the restaurant, to pick me up. Luckily, the restaurant was just a few blocks away from where the concert was held.

So, I got there when everybody was just arriving. Two of my siblings weren't joining. They had other plans. I was like .. hmm .. aku tah saja yang belurus ni! Pfft!! What made me more annoyed, the family was planning for another outing, TODAY! So actually, it wouldn't hurt so much to actually miss last night's dinner, you agree? Arrrgghh! I hate last minute plan!! Grrrr ..

And so I missed the 45-minute early part of the concert. Yep! I went back and did have fun. Hey, it's not bad at all. The singers were amazing. The lightings were awesome and the sounds were clear. The stage was okay .. could've been better looking if they were more creative. No offense there! Above all, we all had fun and I'm pretty sure the rest of the audience felt the same too.

I met Anih after the concert when me and Sharul's sisters were ready with our cameras. Sharul didn't want to join though I insisted him to. I guess he was too proud to admit that Brunei does have talents ; ) We took pictures with most of them, except Fakhrulrazzi and Maria, who were nowhere in sight on the stage. I was glad to take a few snaps with L1, Nash and Feez Madea. Of course I was glad to seeing my dear friend Zul F too. Always enjoyed his company that funny dude! I love his outfit.

We got home around 11ish. Tired but excited still : )

PS: Pictures will be shared soon. Gotta find the cable first pfft!!

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