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Friday, 27 November 2009

The pets' mates

I've just got my hands on my lappy now. Been neglecting the net the past week. Something happened which I just don't feel like writing in here coz it's too childish to share. The bottom line is, I still feel FB is fun. Narrow minded users make it crappy sometimes which I chose to ignore coz it won't go anywhere so .. *am not surprised if I get inbox massages anytime now pfft! WTH!*

Anyway, just wanna introduce our new members in our pets' world. We haven't given them names. I don't know which one is which erk! They both look the same huhu~~

My baby Fluffy loves playing with 'em. How ironic! :p
This is how small they are! Cute kannn... :D
Any suggestions of names?? Feel free to leave them in the comment box ;)


Lulu said...

cuuuuuuutttteeeeeee! I want to meet them!!! u didnt tell me tdi...

names.. names.. hmm... Chip n Dale! hahaha! :D

Suzila A said...

hehe i must've forgotten :P sharul bought them last saturday. one male, one female (which only sharul can tell which one is which hehe). bah nanti ku bawa meet u hehe :D

chip & dale sound cute too! ;)

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