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Sunday, 1 November 2009

The movie that breaks many hearts

We finally watched "This is it" today. It was not a movie I must say but rather a documentary or behind the scene of the comeback concert of the King of Pop himself. I am not a huge fan of him but I do love his songs.

When he passed, I made an entry of how I felt of him leaving this world too soon. I did get my self updated on the causes of his death but the more I knew of them, the more my heart broke because I learnt that everybody was pointing at everybody. This I see as very bad. I don't want to remember him as whatever people or the press were saying. I want to see him as someone very special. For me, the world of entertainment industries have lost a very super talented entertainer.

Michael Jackson. There will never be another him. Never.

The start of the movie was showing a number of selected dancers in the meant concert. All of them were touched, very glad, honoured, you name it. I could see how becoming a part of MJ was a very big thing to them, like what he himself said in the end of the movie: an adventure. I've seen a few of his interviews and I learnt that MJ himself was different onstage and offstage. Onstage, he could give a huge impact on the audience, on and off the screen. His concerts always made my jaw drop with awe. His moves. His songs. The power of his voice though with those moonwalk and multiple signature dance moves. He was a true entertainer. Watching the movie today, I learnt another character of him: a perfectionist. Yes. That was him.

Offstage, from various interviews I watched on entertainment TVs, I saw him as soft spoken. Funny. Humble. I remember watching a video on Youtube on him playing chess with his son. He was indeed a very loving father or his son wouldn't be as close with him as what the camera had caught. He must be. Or his daughter wouldn't make that speech of her father. I'm now trying to erase the image of her with the mike in her hand. My heart breaks every time I remember that real life scene.

The movie was awesome that I couldn't resist clapping hands despite the silence in the movie theatre. I moved my feet with the beat, shook my heads with every awesome performance, and cried everytime MJ made his speech. He looked so alive and full of spirit that my heart sored with pain accepting the fact that he is no longer around. This movie has successfully shared the last moments of MJ trying to make a better world for everybody, his passion, his belief, his talent, his thoughts, his music, his message .. his everything. The concert could have been a very great concert. A real comeback.

I once again cried when MJ told his dancers: "Don't get sick", before they parted for a break before the concert was held the week after.

Nobody got sick. But he left .. and will never make that comeback.

I thank those behind the production of this movie. I thank the love presented in it. My heart goes to all MJ's fans out there. I feel you all. I am not as big a fan as you but I do love him. I believe nobody can actually hate him. Why?

Because he is Michael Jackson. The one and only.

Rest in peace MJ. God bless you ...

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