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Saturday, 28 November 2009

The night with the cats

Finally the cats are paying their visit to my place again but this time, they're staying overnight woohooo! :D But they had to stay in the cage for a while coz I needed to clean up my room. Knowing Fluffy, she'd sneak into any space, no matter how small it is. So I've to make sure all dust is cleared or her white fur is gonna go grey!

They were sleeping a while ago. Maybe exhausted of measuring or smelling the unfamiliar room hehe. Whiny was the one leaving the cage first while Fluffy took some time to join him. It was her second time staying overnight here so I guess she doesn't like it still (coz last time she refused to eat her meals huhu~~). Here's a few pictures of them sleeping a while ago :)

Sweet huh! Whiny was cleaning Fluffy before she dozed off to sleep within minutes :) She was leaning on him, snoring away while Whiny looked at her till he finally fell asleep too. So sweeet!! :D

Now they're all awake, wrestling with each other hehe. Sharul was right. Night is the time when these two are all active and wakey. No wonder whenever I visit them at Sharul's they'd be sleeping for hours! I always caught them sleeping for 4 straight hours!! Tonight explains it all :)

PS: On the phone, Sharul was saying: "Give 6 kisses to each one of them!" LoL! It's just one night here and all of them already miss the cats. It's my turn tonight bebeh!! Hehhee *macam bermadu pulang usulnya hahahha* :P

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