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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Status: deeply hurt ..

Something happened last night. It's so hurting that I can't even write. Can't find the words either. It will take ages for me to heal. This pain is just too much that I wept to bed.


PS: Thank you for being there for me. You know who you are. I appreciate it. To Mo, Thanks for coming online last night. Thanks for making me laugh between tears. Love ya dude!


Anonymous said...

Apa dah jadi nie....saya selalu mengikuti blog anda anie hampir setiap hari, memang rajin orgnya u anie kan tiap2 hari update. Tapi apa dah jadi nie....kelahi dgn BF kah....

Sekian saja....kitanie kenal tapi inda biasa....

izz said...

???...anyway, be tough n strong ya sis....keep smiling... ;)

Suzila A said...

Hi Anonymous. Kitani kenal? Bah, may I know who you are then, if you don't mind..

Nda jua terupdate tiap hari now. Been hectic lately & the transfer is getting on my nerve sudah. Balum tah settle down. Are we colleagues??? Curious ku ehhh..

Thanks for dropping by. Just being me here :)

PS: Yes. You guessed it right. Sakit babe *tsk tsk*

Suzila A said...

Hi Izz .. I just texted you. Thanks dear *hugs*

Anonymous said...

cikgu, ada masa nya u know me tu...heheheh kadang2 kitanie sama2 dalam mengadakan satu2 projek jua....ganya me anie suka menyubuk2 log you anie pasal banyak ceritanya bah...dan kadang ada yang me inda tahu jadi tahu like mcm rumah di Junjongan ah..siok jua usulnya..nice place untuk reunion dgn kawan2 lama ehehehe..btw..apa pun kejadian dalam kehdiupan anie yang pentingnya be positif saja.pasal setiap kejadian sesuatu ada hikmahnya......"Be Postive"..tq

Anonymous said...

Sorry cikgu we pernah bejumpa tapi inda pernah becakap..kalau becakap pun kali dalam 10patah perkataan saja hehehe..btw biar tah ia menjadi misteri.....kalau ku g tau siapa aku...semua org akan tahu me tu

Suzila A said...

Oh wow! So we worked together before lah ;) How nice! Brunei is indeed small ahhh ehehehe :P

Thanks for your concern and ehem ... compliments. I will try making this blog less personal and more of news and thoughts instead ... (mbari hawar jua mun luan nda betapis ahaks!!). Ada jua urg sudi menyubuk blog ku ani *blushing*.

Bah nanti if tejumpa lagi bisiki saja ku ahh! ;) Now, what should I call you? I have mysterious readers by the names Aleeya and *Syair*. Should I call you *Shy*?? Hehe :P Jangan marah ehh ;)

PS: Hope to see all of you guys one day. So far I've met Mamashasha, Anih and yet to come, Supermummy :) Love you girls!! *mwahs!*

Suzila A said...

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Hope you find them useful ;)

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