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Friday, 9 October 2009

The many things that keep me smiling : )

Looking after cats I'm sure is not as tough as caring for babies. Kittens are hard to care for nonetheless.. There are many things to learn about kittens. I am forever thankful to Snow Shoe for inviting me to Brunei Cats fan-wall on facebook. I got to seek advice and assistance from cat lovers on the site, especially handling Whiny's watery poo and Fluffy's teary eyes. Sharul and I have spent quite a lot on cat products, not to mention their food. Next, we've gotta buy a cage for Fluffy since Whiny has been showing certain interest on her, now that they've grown attached with one another. We're worried coz she's too young to be pregnant: I got warnings that she might get pregnancy complication since she's only coming 4 months now. Our Whiny has grown bigger :')

2009 has been a bad year for me personally, especially career wise. I did lots to ease the pain and hatred: photo takings, reading, slumping my self in the room for many days, exercising, writing, eating, bla bla bla but nothing beats the moments I spent with my Prince Whiny, now complete with the presence of Fluffy. I feel that my life is complete, more complete with Sharul around too. I believe we've gone another step forward in our relationship for adopting these two lil angels. We've also grown more attached with one another, drooling ourselves over these lovely kittens of ours, who seem to be growing so fast in front of our eyes!

When looking for stuff for Whiny and Fluffy, I couldn't help wondering whether buying baby diapers and stuff would feel the same as we browsed through the cat-food section. Sharul has been so in love with the kittens that I felt he's ready to be a father to our kids. I love seeing him brushing off stains from our cats' eyes. Or when he's bathing them. And waiting patiently for them finishing off their food or even doing their business in their toilet. I seriously think he will be a good father figure to my kids. Aaamiiinn to that! :')

Now recently, there's this particular colleague whom I had the worst life experience with back in UBD. She used to turn my life up side down. She's also the reason to why Sharul and I have gone stronger together for what she'd done to us was so inforgiven! Learning that she's my colleague in the new working environment, I knew she'd strike again when she's got the opportunity to, with one intention: to destroy my life again!

Seriously, I don't know what she wants from me. Since the transfer, and us working together, I've never ever touched her personal life, let alone making her life miserable! I only communicate with her professionally, never socially. Why? I don't wanna have anything to do with her, that's why. I used to love her but after what she'd done to me, and my family, and Sharul, there's no way am letting her into my life again, and vice versa.

I didn't start the war. She did. I didn't mention a thing to all the colleagues about our past, except to very close friends of mine. I knew doing so is not a wise thing to do. I still believe in repentment. Who knows she has.. Well, I don't need to say a word. Others have seen what a two-face bitch she is! Now, I got friends siding me, without me asking them to. They saw the truth and are backing me up for any fight that might occur any day now.

Don't worry. That's not gonna happen. Why acting like one when you know who's THE bitch? I ain't one!

One occasion in the past is enough. I don't wanna have anything to do with her though she's really testing my patience now! What I worry is her poisonous mouth! She's acting so angelic and very convincing that won her quite a lot of followers. I'd say, blind followers. I am thankful that one of the authorities at work sees the true her. I didn't make the boss see it. The boss did it herself. This gives me a relief. Again, God is showing His mercy on me over multiple tests made by those bitches from hell! Now her!

Anyway, what I'm writing here is to share with all that I am surviving. Please be patient with me. I am going out of the shell I'm hiding under. Slowly. And don't worry, I am doing fine. I have found my distraction, remember? When I am down, I always run to my lil angels and the burdens are leaving my shoulders, freeing the broken heart from anymore pain. Thanks to Sharul too for bearing with the moody me. Also I'm forever thankful for being surrounded with friends who could see the person, me, who is just being herself out there. I can't think of anything else that could cure this broken heart of mine.

And they, folks, are the reasons for me to keep smiling : )

I fell asleep after bathing and drying them, only to find them sleeping in my arms :') Sharul was working and he took this picture once he saw us cuddling in his bed *embarrasing!*
It took 3 days for Prince Whiny to accept Fluffy as part of our family. Now they've grown closer: he didn't even nudge when I put Fluffy next to him! Fluffy was shivering after bathing that she needed to get warm. Whiny did the part after I'd woken up from our afternoon nap :)
My beloved distractions: my baby and our babies :')


Princess Gizmo said...

Be strong darl.

Hahahaha...Aren't they cute??? Gosh when you're in love with cats/kittens you would do anything for them.. When you have your own kids... You even would do anything for them too ;)

Oh yes, Aminnn.. Hope you both will become great parents ;)

Suzila A said...

thanks dear :) aamiinnn to that :')

PS: baby sarah is soooooo cute and chubby and adorably has cheeky smile! :D kiss kiss for her!!

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