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Monday, 26 October 2009

The time I treasured much

I skipped yesterday's marking. It was Sunday after all. The only day in a week that Sharul is ever free. I actually planned to work. So yesterday morning, I asked Sharul to pick me up and send me off. It's been ages we didn't go out breakfast so I was thinking he'd drop me off after that. Little that I know he was reluctant to do so. His reason was simple: it's SUNDAY. I, matter of fact, accepted : )

There was a bit of misunderstanding that morning though. I cried like a baby in the car but Sharul melted me and soon after he made me smile again *blush* He said: "Please don't cry. sayang. Your tears are too precious to fall .." He still has it! Yes he has!! :')

I spent the rest of the day with him; shopping for my room (soon to be his too so he has to contribute some ideas, of any decos, and money for sure *winks*), and dinner. I had a relaxing day, all day. And yes, also cuddling both Prince Whiny and Fluffy : )

Today, I've set my target. Since I missed Sunday, I know I've to cover yesterday's work, which means I've to do double to catch up with the rest. I must!

As for this morning people, I am happy! :D

P.S: I changed my facebook profile picture. Sharul's sisters had been complaining on the previous one! I didn't have any recent picture of me alone so I uploaded this:

... and edited by Nadia, Sharul's little sister. Now everyone is happy and friends even thought that this is one of our pre-wedding shots LOL! :D

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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