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Friday, 2 October 2009

Whiny, my BEST distraction : )

Since he came into my life, it has been different. He's my best distraction. Every time I'm down, I'd go down to Sharul's place just to see Whiny. Or Sharul brings him to see me. I'd even spend a long time just staring at him sleeping in his his stool or in my arms. Often, I took him to bed for an afternoon nap. His snoring never fails from making me smile :)

Whiny is a brat! He wants company when eating. Or doing his own thing. Or else he wouldn't do any at all. We have a small stool nearby for us to sit and watch him. He loves going out: every time he hears the door open, he'd rush to the door but wait for us to take him out :)

He loves being cuddled but would push you away if he's not in the mood. He's good at ignoring too. When he sleeps, Sharul sometimes tickles him, usually the ears. At first, the ears would move. But after several attempts, he'd just ignore the disturbs hehe :D So cute!

Okay, I miss him now! :(

Within minutes, he's sound asleep in my arms :)


Princess Gizmo said...

:D great! Cat is 1 of best stress reliever!! Isn't it? Glad Prince Whiny came to your life :)

eh bari garam ati jua eh sulnya tidur ah belabihhhhhhh!!!!

Suzila A said...

indeed! i have stopped reading since whiny came :) he's much better than any other stress relievers. i seem to forget the bad things that happened every time i'm with him :) thank God i found him! kalau ya manusia, memang ku jadikan anak! :')

i know! nda sadar dunia bah ya tidur ahh! hehhee :P within minutes ni dangg ya tidur ahh.. baru jua main2 sama kedia. dah di paluk di cium, tido tia! hehhee belabih! manja hantap!! :D

Lulu said...

he's got to be the laziest (n luckiest) cat ever to fall asleep so quickly.. i'm jeles!

Suzila A said...

lulu, it still surprises us when he falls asleep in a split second! by the way, whiny sleeps during the day and active at night. fluffy seems to be adopting the same habit hehe :P sharul needs to check on them between sleep in case the rascals need food refill or not. macam jaga babies! hehehe :P

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