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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The 'reply'

The Bf sensed the hurt me through status on my Fb. Yeah call me childish! Coz writing all in here last night seemed not working. I needed to let out the frustration and anger.

So the Bf texted me in Fb just now:

"my answer was blue or gray u know that. sory sayang lau ku inda g tlayan sal ku ngantuk udah dmlm atu lalah banar ku kmarin atu bz ku pat kaja wa... sory sayang ah btw i want it lite blue or gray thats my choice.... what do u think?"

Hah! He's still gonna get that silent treatment! I don't care! Off to Tutong now with Anih for Eid visits to Mamashasha's and Supermummy's. Delicious food's waiting for us!!



izz said...

sabar ya sis...dugaan... agaknyer lelaki memang suka ambil mudah..malas mau fikir detail2...hehe...selalunya kt bg choice or decide dulu then dia angguk or geleng saje kan..hehe... stay cool sis...

Suzila A said...

thanks izz.. i geram coz dia selamba jer bila di bawa discuss. menyampah!! thanks again sister :)

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