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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The unwelcome comments!

I've been getting comments from I don't know who but it seems that he/she has been viewing the same entry of mine here entitled "Distractions". The comments were in Chinese characters (or Japanese, how do I know??) so I don't know what it says. So to find out what they really meant, I clicked on the author's link. And guess what! It led to this adult/sex/x-rated website! I was like ... WTH!!

So I deleted the very first comment made. I didn't know what it meant anyway (and if I did, I wouldn't want it in any of my entries! I don't wanna promote THAT website on my page!!). What got on my nerve was this commenter kept checking on the same entry and LEFT ANOTHER COMMENT! Well, not one! Sometimes twice in a day! What?! Do I look desperate! Chisss!!! I know the entry's title is "Distractions" but c'mon! I DON'T need such page!! if you read the entry, there were no hints on me wanting links as such. Apalaaaaa!!! Laknat banarrr!!!

Tonight I got the same message again, on the same entry! I think tonight's was the 1oth message that I've deleted. Maybe more! I really don't want to see another one pasted at anytime again now.

So to whom it may concern, whoever you are, I don't need the link! I DON'T! So quit leaving those unwelcome comments get me?!!

Pfft! How I wish I know more about technology! I really wanna ban that commenter from checking on this blog again!! Seriously!! Grrrr...........

PS: An online friend called in the middle of the night a few nights ago, waking me up from sleep (I had to accept the call since he'd been ignoring the I-don't-want-to-pick-up-the-phone hint!).

Between my heavy eyes, he said: "I like you so much."
So I said: "Thank you. I appreciate that.."
Then he continued: "Are you religious?"
I said: "Why you're asking?"
He replied: "Have you heard of this new resort in Kota Batu? Would you like to stay overnight with me and bla bla bla...."

His answer shocked me!! What on earth was he thinking?!!! He even mentioned the word S-E-X!!! Do I look cheap?!!! What have I done for making him think that I WOULD say "yes" to his stupid idea???? I slammed the phone shut while he was babbling away!

So to YOU dude, I appreciated (notice the past tense!!) our friendship BUT you've gone too far this time! Now please leave me alone! And yes. THIS IS A GOODBYE! Thank you.


amaryllis said...

The comment thingy...check your spamming settings.'

The horny sex dude...urm...LOL...where did he get ur number from?

MamaShasha said...

ling..i know your online fren atu kh???mmm..he sounds familiar...hehe

Suzila A said...

Aiza, thanks. Will try clicking this and that soon. About the guy, we had been friends for almost two years now but we never met. I knew him from Tagged. A good friend to talk with especially on life. Dunno what got into him that night pfft! A real turn off! Maybe he was drunk! Erk!!

Mamashasha, he's the dude I told you about. Will talk to you later k!

amaryllis said...

ohh..i think u wrote about him sometime ago...hahaha ;-)

Suzila A said...

Aiza, i don't remember writing details about him but i did write about him before, some thoughts about life and love. he's a loyal reader to this page. also one of the many reasons why i opened up this blog.. too bad he's got that attitude! now i've lost a friend whom i love sharing thoughts with.. *sigh*

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