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Saturday, 24 October 2009

The room

The morning light has been forgotten the past few days. In fact, our mornings and afternoons have been spent in a room full of us ready with red pens in our hands. I was early but they were always earlier. And so, their battles had begun way before mine started. Why the battle? Coz the room is where we use up our brain while the eyes and fingers move on those writings, or shall I say ... rubbish for most of them.

Today is the fourth day. I woke up with a sore throat and a bit of fever. Yesterday was the worst so far, maybe due to the hiking yesterday morning (with Lulu and Yatie) that when I entered the room, I felt my head heavy. I had to leave the room and spent about 15-20 minutes nap in my car in the parking lot. The pillow I bought the night before had eased the battle arena for I couldn't feel my butt the past days due to many hours of sitting down.

It's good that the room has better air conditioners now: the chief had workers repaired them after complaints of warm air in the room. Not to be nags. We need the comfort. After all, it's the room filled with "sighs" and "errghs". It witnesses us making sense of certain vocabularies, that it takes all our brains to work like rolling machines. So far, many have corrupted our very own grammar hard drive.

Empty or short scripts annoy me. It's disappointing mostly. What were they thinking??

In between the crooked brows, sometimes the room's filled with laughters. This could help in a way especially when the jokes were shared. I see this whole making-noise-in-the-supposedly-quite-room differently this year: we all need to let it out or it'll affect the scoring of the candidates. Besides, being annoyed won't help with the pressure or stress level. Sharing the bad scripts somehow helps release the headaches. After 4 years of being in the battlefield, I've learnt this other side of the coin.

So today is the fifth day. 6th November seems so far away. The room is waiting for me, and those other markers with red armours between their fingers. This sore throat will go away. Being sick won't help I know. Or maybe I'll have the weekend off tomorrow. I know I need the rest.

The room will still wait for me. That I am sure of.

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