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Saturday, 10 October 2009

The 'next time' talk again ..

Me: Sayang, when are we gonna start dieting? We're gonna look big on our engagement ..
Sharul: That's okay bah ..
Me: Speaking of .. what colour of baju are we gonna wear? We haven't decided eh ..
Sharul: That we discuss next time ..
Me: Tomorrow's Sunday la .. You always stay home. Saturday night is the only time we meet what ..
Sharul: Next time ..
Me: ..

Seriously, I feel sad. It's like I am the ONLY one planning everything. Apa nya urang Brunei .. ASI-ASI ..

Baru jua kan berunding pasal betunang. Apa kah ulah nya mun di bawa berunding kawin .. Entah lahhh ...

Anyone looking for a wife??? I'm here!!


Princess Gizmo said...

Hahahahha!!! Self promo eh?? Hahahahahahahahahaha XD

Anyway u have to initiate jua tu darl!! For guys, planning, choosing, etc,etc must be start by us, by 'ladies'... Believe me, been there, done that.. ;)

So if possible you ask him out tomorrow tell him you want to go out cruising around. When you're on the road pin out/direct him to wherever destination you want, i'm sure he cannot reject you..because..if he does..ask him
'Bila lagi kalau bukan ari ani?'

Suzila A said...

hi maya! awu dangg.. mcm2 alasan nya. mental ku!

today am booked. beraya ku arah si ziah. garam ati ku meliat baby boy nya ahhh heeee :D visiting another ramadhan baby ;)

thanks darl. when today's taken, next week it is. am giving him the silent treatment anyway. wrong timing bah ya beulah ahh! dah tah ku mental tampat kraja. ani kedia g mengatil kediaku! chiss!!

MamaShasha said...

I just read ur post ani...anyway...been there...done that. Guys are always like that. Every decision must be on semulajadinya macam atu kali dang. Inda jua dapat kita least we know... WOMEN ARE THE GREAT PLANNER...haha...inda jua??? Sabar saja.

Suzila A said...

mamashasha, i think u're right & men have had their minds set that we are INDEED the great & best planner! pfft! i still want him to be around in decision making babe. it's after all OUR day. frustrating! *sigh*

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