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Friday, 16 October 2009

The tears of ..

We got invited by Hadiki's mom to pay him a visit today after lunch time. He was our classmate in UBD TESL course 99/03 till that fateful day in November 2002 when he got a stroke all of a sudden. It happened after he had his sahur in Ramadhan, spotted by his little brother. Hadiki is never the same since :'(

We miss him dearly. The last time we visited him was 6-7 years ago. We had always wanted to pay a visit but time had always been a problem. Louie and Mas usually shared with us his latest updates, especially on his health.

Hadiki I remember was full of life, ideas and jokes. He was the clown of the class :D I have always thought of what a funny guy he was. Once, I was waiting at the CLT area when he drove passed us. He screeched to a halt when he realised books and papers flying away from the top of his car. He had left them there and drove! I couldn't help my self that I laughed at him non stop! He had to shhush me! And he was all blushing hehehe :P He also planned to make an announcement on 29th February that year that he was open for proposals by the female students in the campus LOL!

Hadiki was also a true friend when I was in need. I remember we talked about so many things. We once talked about long distance relationship, which he believed wouldn't work. Also when I was sad, he was there for me saying that I should be tough when having trials as such. He said he believed in me. That was the nicest thing a guy friend could ever say :')

Today, we talked to him and like he did before with Louie, he responded to us too! He cried! :') That's an improvement, alhamdulillah :) We all hope he will be more improved in future gatherings :) We want him to know that we still remember him and care for him..

Hadiki, we love you pal. You will always be in our hearts. Always :')

All of us today, some couldn't make it.. What a day to remember.. :')

PS: Hadiki's mom texted us tonight, saying how thankful she was for us to come visited her son. The line that touched me was when she said: "We will never know how lonely his world is." This brought tears to my eyes :'(


ANIH said...

I read ur post twice ling..and im touched~ :')
and yg ku gelihati pasal ia m,brek mengajut kh tu ling, yg hbis bertrbngn kratasnya gara2 kelupaan! Lols!
and yg ku suka ling "he said he believe in me" pyh org kn ckp cmatu ling.. :)

Suzila A said...

anih, yes. it's very rare for us to meet such friend, let alone a guy.

we used to share stories of our life. once he told me about him meeting this girl and he felt that he clicked with her. he dumped his girlfriend just to be with this girl he just met. what i still can't forget is when he admitted what a bad guy he was while at the same time he didn't wanna miss the only chance he would be having for meeting a soulmate. he's an amazing guy, though i said he was an asshole for what he did to the ex girlfriend. he wasn't even angry when i said that to him. he was very open minded..

i respect his family, especially his mother. i don't think i would be that strong having to see my own kid helpless in front of my eyes.. he's lucky to be born in this family.

i miss him so much.. dearly :(

ANIH said...

I can see he's a good guy friend & sum1 to talk to, eventough ia ada kisah with his ex.

awuu bnr tu ling..apatah lagi perasaan indungnya, nda dpt tani gambarkan:')

yth sedih ku, ia ada respond arh kamu and ia menangis ahh..


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