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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The unplanned Tuesday

The plan was actually me and Yanti going out surveying for my engagement baju, indecisively the rented one or cut one by the tailor. The bottom line was, us going out to at least settle one bit of my next month's function. But then, my aunt came to the house this morning and asked my mum out to the salon, then off to Yanti's house to pay a visit. It's sort of a culture in the family to peek into the bride or groom-to-be to see what they can get hold of for the actual day. So, the plan had to be postponed. I went there decorating Yanti's stairs instead since her hantaran decorations were all done yesterday.

It took us 4 straight hours to complete the one staircase heading towards the room where the aisle is gonna be installed. We bought the accessories some time last week and today was basically putting everything together. It was great to see the outcome of the 4 hours struggle (since it was our first attempt: the past weddings had been decorated by outsiders which involved extra cash out!). Well, as for me, I am impressed with our work. The past experiences decorating the school's hall had, in a way, helped a lot! ;) I didn't get enough energy to take out my camera so I just took a shot of the top of the stairs with my hand phone. Hope Yanti doesn't mind me uploading these hehehhee ;)

The base is golden in colour and the organza is light pink: the colour of the couple's baju pengantin on the wedding day :)
We actually wanted to make the centre's purple flowers into a love shape but we thought having them circling the 3 pink roses in the middle would look better and neater :)

Later on at 9pm, Sharul and I went to Soto Tinis for dinner (spoiling my diet pfft!!) where the bride AND groom-to-be were waiting. I know! 10 days before the nikah, they still go out! So much into each other I guess ;)

We needed the hot soup: it was rainy the whole day today. Yet, not quite a good excuse for the couple to meet up 10 days BEFORE the nikah. Ketulahan banarrr!! Hehehee :P

After dinner, Sharul and I went to the tailor. I wanted to know the approximate price for the baju I've wanted them to cut. The hour's chit-chat with the Indonesian tailors helped me a lot in choosing what kind of materials I should buy for the baju that I want. Tomorrow, the postponed plan shall resume, hopefully!

I've started counting the days now heeee :D

PS: On the way to the tailor, I asked Sharul whether we'd stay separated for a month before our nikah or not, as expected by the Malay tradition. He said, "Of course!" I told him I didn't mind, with one condition. He smiled and asked, "You can't stay away from me, can you?" I replied, "Sure I can. But the cats MUST be with me!" His smile faded away. Heeee :P


Anonymous said...

hahahaha cats cats.. sian sharul..kucing plg kana rindu heeeee ;P

Suzila A said...

heeee :D cinta ku tetap tidak berpaling. kucings ku tetap nombor satu di hati ku! akekekke :P

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