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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

First Attempt to Editing ;-)

Hey peeps! I finally tried on editing snaps that I took using Microsoft Office Picture Manager with the help of this entry :) Thanks to Ziggy for the tips ;) She shared on how to change a coloured picture to black and white. While trying out, I tried editing the pictures' colours and brightness and contrasts. The results? See below ;-)

~~ Thanks for viewing :-) ~~


Princess Gizmo said...

Great you know how to play with pictures now! Hehehe..

I always use Office Picture Manager to crop my pic. It is really easy to use :) Thanks to Ziggy, he's the one who teach me this simple way too!! Lucky us he show it in the blog.

Suzila A said...

Owhhh! Ziggy is a HE .. I thought it's a SHE hehe :P

Thanks darl. Just testing the gadget. It sure is addictive!! :D

ANIH said...

Darlssss! I hate U pasal ur pic lawa2 hahahah...

Sis.. lawa eyh ur pictas ah, n afta b,edit jua ah.. looks mcm hidup g bah.. wahh mkin rancak ni ah.. wit photo2 thingy n editing.. truskn g sis ah.. btw.. lawaaaa~ luv it soo much ;)

nah.. dpt jua u buat tu kli ah.. bulihhh~~~ =P

Suzila A said...

Heeee :P Thanks dalengz!! I hate u too! *wink! wink!* Hehe.. Apa kan! Haha :P

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