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Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Lists

Alright, the followings are the two 10 lists as tagged by my dear friend Princess Gizmo a.k.a. Maya in her post here. So peeps! Here goes!!

10 Major Things That Happened in Suzila A's Life in 2008:

1. The happiest moment this year: finding out my Sharul got employed by Adinin Enterprise at KB, Alhamdulillah :)

Appointed as Assistant Head of Department and having about 17 staff to take care of. Also, directly involved me in handling matters related to the professional developments of English educators in Brunei.

3. As 1 of 5 facilitators of "Reading Seminar" in June 2008. It taught me well that developing reading skill can now be done in many exciting ways. Also, as 1 0f 7 facilitators of "ORT Tops" for primary school teachers in 9 centre schools around Brunei. The Director of Schools called us "Her 7 Angels" ;)

4. Successfully proposed and agreed upon a camp proposal that's engaged me working with a partner all year through. Hence, making me the
Vice Camp Commandant of the Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008.

Joined in the trips in discovering the true beauty of Brunei: The Kampong Ayer and Proboscis Monkey Tour (twice!), The Kampong Sungai Matan Tour (in June) and The Brunei River Night Safari Tour (twice too!).

6. Had a blast picnic out with some friends at Selapon Recreation Park,Temburong in November.

7.Went to KK twice: had a few days stay in Sutera Harbour and a day trip at Manukan Resort Island with BLA+1, sister and cousin in March, and recently a 3 days, 2 night stay at Dinawan Resort Island with 2 of my brothers and Sharul.

8. Drove my family to Miri and Limbang several times: something I never did before. An adventurous outing for me personally ;) Maybe this year trying out a road trip to KK, ME driving(?) ;)

9. Met my long-lost friend, Maya, over the Net. Thanks to Mamashasha. We didn't meet for 5 years since 2003 but still close as ever though :)

When I was scared like hell knowing something was caught in my blood test, fearing that I might be suffering from a deadly disease or something! Alhamdulillah when I was told that I am only suffering from Acute Asthmatic Problem. Am still under medication and I gotta lose a few kilos before my next appointment in March :)

10 things I wish to do in 1430H/2009M

1. Not to leave my five-time prayers (I pray this will come true this time, InsyaAllah).

2. To make my parents and family happy all year through (especially with my younger brother's wedding coming in June).

3. My engagement in April and my wedding in December (Aaminnn Ya Rabbal 'Alaminnnn .. I need your prayers guys ..).

4. Losing 15 kgs in March, as instructed by my doctor <-- I doubt this though huhu~

Losing the 15 kgs on my wedding <-- MESTI NI SUZI!!!

6. Breeze-walking at Shahbandar at least 4 times a week; hiking routine by April (2 times a week).

7. Start a swimming lesson <-- Not so sure but will do my very best to achieve it!

8. To seriously renovate my room: planning of blue or peach wall papers with Italian bedroom sets.

9. To lessen my time on MSN and maybe blogging (erk!). I need the extra time concentrating on keeping myself fit and healthy this year. I'm sick of being ... sick!

10. To keep the best ones in my circle of friends and to talk or involve less in others' social conflicts <--- ADANG JADI BUSY BODY ANI DANG SUZI!!!

Okay! Just done my tagged! Now YOU are tagged!! Do your list and have fun thinking 'em through!! :D

PS: Red bolded sentences are for my own (future) reminders ;)


izz said...

salam maal hijrah & happy new year...
happy alwiz!!! ;)

Suzila A said...

Same goes to you sis! May your days filled with bless and happiness all year through :)

[o||o] said...
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[o||o] said...

Ok if you need company for #6 "10 things I wish to do in 1430H/2009M".. you can give me and Maya a call. I can accompany you for aerobics at the gym or even just gym-ing.. and there's always Tasek for hiking and the track for a lil jog. Brisk walking will do but you need to add in jogging as well :-) or you can take up dancing with you dear laling.. it will burn calories and pump up the heart too.

Go Suzi!! Burn those 15kg off.. you can do it gurl!!!

[[ re: [o||o] =na ]]

Suzila A said...

:P Thanks Rena. Will sound2 to you girls, don't worry.

Teheheee 'brisk-walk'? All this time I thought the spelling is 'breeze-walk' akekeke malu eyyhhh salah spelling!! :P

Yep! One thing at a time babe! Now working on making my body get used to the walking speed per minute first, as advised by my doc. With my condition, he said it's not a good idea to do all the exercises all at once & all too soon.

Aerobics & dance lesson sound so tempting! You can ask Maya how much I have been interested to join you guys but no can do at the mo. But don't worry. I will be jumping up & down with you girls in no time before you know it ;)

Thanks again for your support dear :) Mwahz!!

Princess Gizmo said...

Hehehe.. I didn't realize rena is here!! Hehehe.. So she spoke for the 2 of us.. Yeah why not?? Just make a call & maybe we can think of something about it! :) YOu can do it!

Suzila A said...

Heeeee :P Thanks! Arigato!! :D

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