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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Saturday Date Fever :p

I finally went out with my baby since he's started working last week. Sigh~ Now I know how he feels whenever I don't have time for a date cause of my busy-ness at work. Thank God Sharul has the highest patience! It was funny though when he gave me the call this afternoon since all the years we were together, I was the one doing the calling while he'd forever wait for my precious calls for even a quick meet. I'm bad, yes I am. Work has always come first between us so sometimes it's rather a miracle seeing us still strong together for 6 years (and still going). I love you sayang ... :)

So, we went to The Mall but the movies suck! We ended up having tea .. well, meals to be exact :P I had dimsumssss and he had Jollibee's burger and chips. Then we went checking out for presents for the January BLA+1 Suria and Kiem. I finally found the right ones at Decoways on 3rd floor. I hope they'll love it :)

I also bought Cha Tae Hyun's latest movie. I love this guy since 'First Love of a Royal Prince' Korean series. Sharul loves him too! The guy cracks us up so well! Hehe :D Too bad I don't have the time now. I won't be surprised if I get to watch it finally at the end of the year huhu~ Sharul bought a Nirvana DVD. Something he'd been looking for since he lost the tape.

Before leaving, Sharul bought me two Jollibee's Caramel ice-cream. It's soooo yummy and cost very very cheap! I always LOVE caramel! This particular mouth watering ice-cream is so thick and it has bread and vanilla crumbs on top. We bought one during our meals too, so we had three of 'em today!! Heeee :P

PS: I know! I consumed too much calories today huhu~ Will work on it when I do my brisk walk tomorrow :D

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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