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Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Night Ride

The ride to Gadong was dark. Literally dark. It was lucky to have the street light on the right side of the road working. At least, we could see the road a bit clearly since the traffic lights weren't working at all. The glittering blue light put up by the traffic police wasn't helping! One at the Kumbang Pasang was put up at a junction instead of at the traffic light at middle of the road.

Turning to Gadong, it was darker. Again, the right side of the buildings were not dark so it was kind of helping. Come to think of it, it was funny. Only the right side of our road was working all the way. Seeing the building where Borneo Clinic was without electricity, we moved on to the centre of Gadong, also to find it closed. Even The Centre Point and The Mall were dark. The images of flooded Gadong in Fred's page sent me a shiver. This, what we saw, was the effect of the sudden flooding recently. With that water level on the street, for sure our Honda Accord would send us shake our heads in dismay.

The Kiulap area was affected too, tough some shops and restaurants survived the night. The entrance junction into Kiulap was closed. A wise thing to do since the traffic lights weren't working too so it could be fatal if accidents happened. We passed Kiulap and went towards Ong Sum Ping. The lights were working here! We could even spot babah in his Vitara!

Going to the public clinic, we were kind of lost. We didn't know which floor to go till this man came in and went straight into the lift. Clueless, we followed him. A quick look at him, the way he dressed and his hairdo, I remembered dad! Just that he was slimmer :) It was him who told us which floor to go to. He said, we had to register our name on the 2nd floor first then to the 3rd floor for check-up. He was very kind, even let us leave the lift 1st before him. We thanked him for that! Really nice to see there are still nice people around :)

The waiting took a while but not as lengthy as we thought it would be. The male Indian doctor was nice. He was concerned about my asthma attack though I told him I was still under medication. To his wish, I showed him how I should use the puffer. He was satisfied but as I was about to make my 2nd puff, he stopped me! He then told me only to take it after 5 minutes! I was like .... Owhhh .. So the rest of the session, he was writing up the tablets I am going to take while the female nurse was writing my MC for today since I couldn't wake up from bed this morning. I had fever all night through that mom told me to sleep downstairs so she could look after me all night. Dad was also worried that he offered to drive me to the hospital but knowing his bad sight at night, of course I refused. What's more touching was, dad finally did NOT smoke inside the home since I was downstairs all the time :)

At the clinic, Sharul was on the queue for my medicine while I had to go back upstairs to ask the unclear prescription given by the Doc. He then told us that it was an appointment slip for my nebulizer at Room 9. I was glad knowing that as I sure needed it, especially after climbing up the stairs.

In Room 9, the machines were all occupied. On queue, we were sad seeing a baby on the nabulizer. His cries made my heart melt. When my turn came, I had a clear view of him in his mom's lap, with his mom putting the nebulizer up-close to his nose and mouth. He kept crying but his cries slowed down when his dad sat next to them and held his hand. What I saw made me wonder how his parents must be feeling at that time. I wondered how must my mom feel bringing me back and forth to the E.R. when I was little when my asthma attacked. Was dad around us too every time? The sound of the guy next to me sniffing shove away the thoughts. The drugs must have worked by then as the baby finally stopped crying. Minutes later, both the guy and the baby had their time up. Soon after, my machine was switched off too.

We dropped by Jollibee Serusup to have a quick bite. I never liked taking antibiotics cause it never failed from giving me gastric. So I had to have something to eat before taking the pills. It was a full house! We bet it must be the electricity cut that made the restaurant have its cash top-up! While queuing, there was a couple next to us. It was so sweet seeing the love glitter in their eyes. I could tell that they were playing "I-whisper-nothing-you-hear" game, the same game Sharul and I used to play when we were still drooling over each other hehehe. Upstairs, I spotted another couple eating. How nice to see the girl wearing her scarf, covering her head.

Before sending me home, we dropped by Pertama Jaya to buy some goodies for my Chinese friends for their Chinese New Year celebration this Monday. We had to make it quick as we entered the supermarket at 10pm, the time it was supposed to close erk! But we made it before we were locked in ;) Sharul wanted me to stay at home tomorrow to have my rest so shopping in my list tomorrow should be done tonight! Thanks to my sayang :)

It was a quick night ride, barely 3 hours but my time with Sharul around has always been meaningful :) Alhamdulillah ya Allah. I thank You for sending a generous loving soul in my life. May his love to me stay as it is, till we count our hundreds wrinkles. Aaminnn .... :)

PS: I didn't join the January BLA+1 dinner tonight. I was too weak to get even get up. I had to go to the clinic, any clinic, so as to get the MC from the Doc, or else, habis la!! Kiem, Suria, sorry babe! Don't worry, I had your presents wrapped up! Will give it to you this Saturday okay. Just hope I will be fine by then .. :)

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