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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Untold Story III

The Chemistry lesson felt like forever. My head focused more on lunch rather than whatever she was babbling about at the front. I wouldn't feel this way if that rude annoying stranger did not eat up my brunch during recess. Chemistry had always been my favourite subject. My tummy kept churning inside begging for food. Even my teacher's name reminded me so much of the delicious KFC's Zinger Burger - Mrs. Xander!

15 minutes before the class was over, the lesson halted with sudden knocks on the door. All eyes were set on the figure standing at where the sound had come from, so as mine. I frowned seeing him again, the sight that I had prayed I wouldn't see the rest of my time at school that day.

He walked with a piece of paper in his hand towards Mrs. Xander's desk. She nodded seeing it and nudged him to sit. It was obvious that she was not happy with her lesson disturbed. As he scanned through the classroom, I picked up my textbook and drowned my face in between the book's pages. I didn't want to have anything to do with him now that I learnt that he was going to me my classmate for the rest of the year.

"You're at my seat!" a voice called.
"Huh?" Alex replied as he looked up at the tall guy and pushed his thick classes up his nose.
"You heard what I said. Move!" the arrogant new kid continued.

Alex packed his books and moved to the back of the classroom, the only empty seat that was available. By now, I had lowered my textbook as my eyes followed to where he had gone to. The seat next to me was now filled by the bully.

I looked at him in anger, wondering what his problem was. At the same time, my heart sank thinking of what Alex must be feeling at that very moment. Though he was obviously the school nerd, he was my childhood friend whom was very dear to me. I lived 3 blocks away from him and we had always had study group at his place especially when exams were around the corner.

"Jamila Christina Ford! Is everything fine?" Mrs. Xander's voice was heard. I turned to look at her, noticing a soft chuckle from my right.
"Not at all ma'am!" I replied, picking up my book again. From the corner of my eye I could see him chuckling quietly. His shoulders stopped shaking soon after I turned to look at him again. I kept staring at him now that Mrs. Xander had continued her lesson.
"What IS his problem?" I couldn't stop wondering still.

When the bell rang, I put my books into my bag to make my move as far away from him as possible, soon. As I was doing so, I heard a sharp whisper in my right ear.
"Jamila! Nice name!"

I turned around just to see his back facing me. He left the room with the others, again with his shoulders moving. There, the bully was having a good time making fun of me. By this time, I could feel my blood burning inside. Ironically, I didn't make a move. I sank in my chair, feeling lost.

That day was bad. Somehow I could feel it was not the ending. Not yet.

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