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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sushi Date

I know! I don't eat sushi but Maya was so good persuading me and Sharul to go saying there're cooked dishes in the menu too so, yeah. We did go for the lunch date. This time we had it at Misato Restaurant in Qlap.

I didn't know what me and Sharul ordered but they were cooked as the 'experts' told us so hehe. It was amazing how Armie, Maya's hubby, ate the raw fish with the rice and how he could stand the wasabi. We couldn't take it! Maya and Rena were also phew! I love the fried prawns though. Too bad my baby can't take seafoood. He's allergic to it.

While waiting for the meals, Maya showed me and Rena on how to tie a ribbon like how she had done in on of her scrap works here. After meals, it was our turn to give them our KK souvenirs. Rena got a male and female cat statue-like gift, Maya was happy with a 'special' scrap book I bought her and some cute little flowers as addition to her scrapping materials while Sharul gave Armie yet another special camera we bought in KK. It's antique-like with bright lens! ;p Hope you love the gifts guys! :)

Rena trying her skill on tying a ribbon to her gifts ... Maya enjoying her book. Glad you love the gifts girls ;)
Aha! Giving up, the 'sifu' does the ribbon ;)
Voila! Blue ribbon matches with the gift! Heeeee ...
Hmmm ... Pantang meliat handycraft! Mesti kan cuba ;) All the best!!

After lunch, the 3 of us had another 30 minutes chat outside the restaurant. Armie came up with an idea for his photography skill and me and Sharul volunteered to be models ;) Rena too! So far, we had the green light from the wifey! You can trust us Maya, don't worry ehehee ;) We split up after dropping by an antique shop nearby.

Me and Sharul window shopped at a toy shop, which Sharul requested me to give for his 'hantaran'! Cheh! Boys will be boys!! Then off we went to Qlap Mall, then to The Mall. Sharul was looking for a wrist watch. He finally got one at a shop on 2nd floor.

My baby was still hungry (he didn't eat much when sushi-ing) so we had dinner at Fusion. The advert at the basement parking was so tempting!! Sharul had the buffet cost $12 while I had the ala carte. The food was not bad. The beef was soft and tasty! Love it!! And the price was affordable :) We were surprised knowing that the restaurant is actually under the same roof with Sushi Tei and it has been opened for 2 years! Hmmm ... Where had we been eh??

His buffet. He doesn't eat seafood but he took the prawns ... for me! Awww .. :)
The new digital watch!
Us over dinner. Aren't we lovely! ;)
Hmmm ... This is MINE! Nyaman yaw~
Heeee ... Guess what's he doing???
Akekeke :P

We had a good outing again. A good weekend to spend on :)

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