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Friday, 16 January 2009

Nurul's Lightning ;)

Well, NOT literally. She's got the call from MinDef, as I said in my previous post so this time, I wanna share how her interview went on as she told us over lunch today :)

Sure, she did her research before the interview. Following her instinct, she gathered all the info on worldwide issue: the food crisis. The Gaza Dispute never occurred to her and of course, Defense and War do come together so she was asked about it but she was good enough to lead the interview topic to the Food Crisis instead. I'm proud when she could answer the attacking questions thrown on her. Her Geography basic background really helped after all :)

So her arguments went on .. saying how the global now faces the problem with food productions everywhere. When asked why this is happening, she argued saying it's due to climate change. Little did she know that it's also actually because of the rise of oil price worldwide, as argued by the interviewers.

Good point for me personally but to say it's simply due to the price of oil per se, is it the main reason to why sometimes our moms find it hard to find onions in good condition? Or even have to pay more just to get a kilo of it? What does oil have to do with onions?? Of course this happens because of flooding that's a very major problem in India, the main producer of onions for us here. And bad weather contributes to this, doesn't it? Weather changes of course due to the change in climate ..

The rice production here in Brunei is limited. That, of course we know the reason cause not all Bruneians are interested in farming. Why? It's a hard job, especially for the young ones (for me too! I did some planting with my campers last month as one of the activity challenges, which was hard though fun..) but mind you, IF the main producer of rice to our country has internal problems .. say .. civil wars, or drought, what will happen to us? Do you think oil can solve this? And make us plant our own rice in the end?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Just a thought. These are the similar arguments Nurul had with the interviewers somehow .. though she had to give in saying it's the high cost of oil that causes the food crisis in the world. It's an interview after all. Not a court where lawyers fight their views ;)

She's bright, isn't she :) I'm proud of her. I'm so proud of my baby sis :)

I bought a 'congratulatory cake' for her. Will upload tonight's pictures soon for all to view :)

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