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Thursday, 1 January 2009

I'm Back & KK is OK ..

Hey peeps! Missed blogging while I was in KK. The hotel we stayed in on 28th actually had internet connection at the lobby but using up the facility cost me RM1 per 10 minutes. How expensive was that! So I just browsed through the page and checked my e-mail. I didn't enjoy the stay at Daya Kinabalu Hotel, the only hotel available that night (we didn't book a hotel before hand so ..) and with the fee of RM180, the room was just too small for the 4 of us!

That day, after a long straight 4 hours drive from Temburong, we went to the famously talk-about shopping mall, 1Borneo. Hungy, we had our lunch at Kenny Roger's. Gosh! I missed the Cheese Macaroni meal so much! And of course the muffins! Then, off we went to all the floors searching for an Hp lappy. I promised to get Puchen one as a present for him for successfully entering Uni. From 1Borneo, we left to the city looking for a hotel to stay the night. For dinner, we walked to the King Burger Restaurant, 3 blocks away from the hotel. There were Bruneians queuing with us. In fact, we could see Bruneians on every floor of 1Borneo that day too! So, being in KK just felt like home, just that we felt a bit insecure over our safety to everywhere we went. You know, with the rumours about pick-pocket cases and all. We just felt ... unsafe.

The next day, we were at Sutera Jetty to catch our boat to Dinawan Resort Island. I was not happy with the service right up from the start but I kept it to myself cause I didn't wanna spoil Sharul and my bros' vacation on the island.

From the jetty, we rode on the 30-minute boat ride and we were welcomed with a glass of flavoured drink each before we left to our huts. Sharul and Bahri stayed in the same chalet while Puchen stayed with me. The boys fell in love with the place straight away and I was happy for that, forgetting my unsatisfaction over the services. Puchen and Bahri just couldn't stop themselves from taking pictures and of course I joined in the fun, with Sharul became our so-called photographer hehe :P After our BBQ lunch, we went back to our huts and took a rest, which we spent on afternoon naps. The long drive from Brunei to KK the day before had still exhausted us all.

We were woken up by a call for tea. At the cafeteria lounge, we requested to do snorkeling after tea, only to find out that it was dangerous to do so as the day was just about to rain. We spent about an hour plus kayaking and taking pictures on the beach and boulders instead. We then spent the rest of our afternoon watching 'Die Hard'. Our dinner was at 9pm, then we continued watching another DVD and went to bed roughly after midnight. The next morning, we headed for breakfast then went on a walk to the lagoon 2 kilometres away from our chalets. Bahri went back to bed after breakfast as he was suffering from diarrhea.

Along the way on the beach, Puchen collected a number of rare shaped and coloured shells while I got a rather pretty shaped coral. I know I wasn't supposed to bring it home but I found it laying on the beach so, rather than leaving it spoiled there, why not appreciate its beauty, say ... on my study desk ;) Anyway, we did reach the lagoon finally. For two years spending vacations there, I had never got the chance to drop by the secluded area on the island. First, it was a long walk and secondly, the seawater was high so the beach was all covered with waves hence it was difficult to walk in the water. We were lucky to awake early that morning so we could walk all the way on the wide sandy beach :)

Back at the lounge, we spotted about 30 Chinese tourists looking at our direction. We had a cold drink each before heading towards the office to take our snorkeling sets. The next minute, we were in the water, snorkeling and enjoying the beauty of colourful corals and swimming about with the live fish. Puchen went wild when I pointed at a number of 'Nemos' hiding in one of the corals attached on one of the stilts of the jetty. We were in the water for almost 3 hours, having the Chinese joining us after feeding the fish with bread. Before going up, Puchen and I spent about an hour kicking about in the water to try our skill in swimming. Both of us can't swim so with the life jackets floated us on the water, we managed to a least move ourselves a few metres to and from the jetty :) Sharul took our pictures of course so as to record our precious time in the water.

Just as we were about to walk back to shore on the lengthy bridge, Bahri came to join us. He felt better after the morning rest and was all ready for some water sports. We requested to try on the Jet Skis but we were told that it was better to do so at 2pm, after our BBQ lunch. While waiting for 2pm, we went back to our huts yet to watch another DVD.

Our first Jet Skis try out was really amazing. Sharul found it boring though as he hated the idea of the guard sitting behind him at all time of the ride. Besides, he had tried out the ride a few years back when his dad still had a unit of it. I only had about 15 minutes ride as it was more of a scary experience for me than the real fun that I thought I would have had riding on it. I had always wanted to try riding on a Jet Skis but now, I don't dare to anymore huhu~ We then went back to the beach to do more kayaking, ignoring the bell for tea.

So, we missed the tea afterall. We ordered a set of tea and they served us a bun each. I wasn't happy as I already paid a full package including tea on every day of our stay. When the sun was setting, we took as many pictures as we could. The view was very beautiful though the sun wasn't showing at its full shape at the horizon. That night, we had dinner at 7pm, though we requested having it at 8pm. They gave us a lame excuse saying that the other guests wanted to have dinner at that time so we HAD to have it an hour earlier too as well! By now, I had gone really pissed that I swore to make a complaint about it to the tour agency once I got home!!! That night, we watched 'Fearless' while having hot tea. We went to bed at around 10pm.

Our next morning was spent on taking pictures. First, with the background of the Mount Kinabalu that was showing clearly before us, while at the same time enjoying our last breakfast at the resort. The mountain had always been covered with white clouds the past days of our stay on the island. At the other side of the resort, we took a few snaps of us with the background of the many shapes of rocks on the beach before finally packed our stuff to check out at 10am.

Back at the city, we went to Sabah Centre Point, continuing our hunt for Puchen's laptop, without success. With the salesgirl's advice, we went to Karamunsing Shopping Complex. There, we finally found the laptop he wanted that cost RM 3940 on bargain. We had our late lunch at KFC and finally left KK at 6pm. Sharul didn't wanna stay at the city on new year's eve as he thought it was not safe to park the car there overnight at that time of the year, especially when he was driving his Honda Integra.

It was a scary journey back home as the road was hilly, bumpy and dark all the way. What's worse, it was raining heavily at about 8pm, somewhere at Terusan. By 9pm, we reached Temburong and it was drizzling. I texted Irman, wondering whether he was at home in Bangar or not. Since he didn't reply, I assumed he was still in KK afterall so we left for Limbang. It was sure costy to pay a night stay at the resthouse as it was charged on per head instead of per room. At 9.40pm, we reached Limbang and we knew then it was too late to get to Kuala Lurah as it was going to close at 10pm.

Reaching our room, Puchen and I had a try out on his new lappy before hitting to bed while Sharul and Bahri were already in dreamland. Before midnight, I went to sleep, not bothered to join the new year celebration down below. I guess we all were just too frustrated for being stranded near the borderline to actually return to the arms of our mummies on new year's eve :(

Today, at 6am, we left Limbang and got home 2 hours later. I continued napping and later on had an early dinner with Sharul at Caper's. We wanted to catch a movie (Sharul hasn't watched 'Ip Man' and I don't mind watching it again) but it was only going to be played at 9pm. I had to go home early cause mum had told me to bring Diana to Limbang looking for a bedroom set. So yeah, tomorrow, I am going to Limbang, again ...

I'm going to bed now peeps! So, as you can see, my vacation was just OK. KK afterall was JUST OK. Am back to square one now --> counting days to my next vacation!!

PS: Will post our pictures soon for you to see :)


Anonymous said...

Counting days for next vacation?mm...good luck for you...

Suzila A said...

Heeee :) If you know what my profession is, you'll understand why perfect vacation is soooooo important to me :S & yes, I need all the luck for that huhu~~

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