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Friday, 30 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Finally, I had my long sleep last night and was woken up by Johnny's call at 10.35am. The BLA+1 had to work overtime today except for me, Imah and Niza. We had lunch at Emperor's Court, me being late again, as usual! We saw Mrs. Lim there and we got invited to her open house later this afternoon.

I went home for Zuhur then parked my car at Suria's. Her lil niece was with me in the living room, asking her, "Buncu, is this your friend?" Hehe :P Suria replied as she was leaving the room to see her dad, "Yes, of course!" I added, "I wouldn't be here if we're enemies now, would I?" She laughed to my remarks. Ain't she the cutest!

Our first stop for Chinese Raya was at Mrs. Lim's. We met 'Ain and Ting Hing there, with their other colleagues. 'Ain had her hair cut short, making her look younger :) Too bad I didn't manage to take pictures with her since she was sitting at the far end of the living room. We had a group photo with Mrs. Lim and her cool hubby before we left. I also took the opportunity taking a picture with Ting Hing. We used to be close colleagues before he got transferred to PTE Berakas.

Our next destination was to Jacky's. Gosh! The road to her place was so hilly that it felt like we were going on a Pirate Ship! :P Hazel, an old friend from college, who's now Jacky's close friend in UBD, was also there. It was our second meeting after we met at Orchid Garden a few months ago. She was my junior back in MD. We knew each other from friends of ours. It's always nice meeting familiar faces now and then :)

Next, we zoomed to Johnny's at Rimba. It's his sister's new home and they're spending New Year there. We went touring her place, which gave me ideas on how to renovate my bedroom ;) I took a few snaps so I could always refer to it when I finally got my butt off to start renovating my room :P

Our way back to Suria's was really crammed! Thanks to Johnny who didn't want to waste his fuel on me, cheh!! if Lulu had joined us, we wouldn't have to squeeze in like that huhu~

We haven't gone tp Lulu's, Kiem's and Leng's. The week's been hectic! BLA+1 are all busy ... and stressed!! Grrr!!!

PS: Next plan, a road trip to Miri on 1st March. Can't wait!!!

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