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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Another Day Out. Another Great Date. Another BBQ .. Phew!!

Hey peeps! A long day today. And a fun one!! Even my baby was exhausted with all the crazy thoughts I fed him with ehheehee :P Will upload pictures soon after I come back from KK. Yep! I am going on a road trip to KK tomorrow with my brothers, Sharul and some friends, also Irman, whom we will meet there, hopefully ;) Fred babe! Don't forget to text me your Digi line okay! :) I will buy one once I get there!

Anyway, my today was really crazy I must say. Woke up at 8am, rushed to park my car at Bandar jetty, then off to cross Limbang to go to Bangar so Sharul could park his car there. We don't wanna queue up the line tomorrow morning when we start our journey to KK. Gosh! We predicted it right!! Limbang queue took about 5 hours, you believe that!!

Soon reaching Temburong, I tried looking for Wajid and Cendol cause I wanted to buy some for Johnny's German friend. He's visiting here for a few days and I had promised to take them out for Ambuyat-ing. As planned, we met at Aminah Arif at Batu Besurat at 3.30pm. Sharul left me with the boys while he had his late lunch at Ayamku. I didn't get to buy the Wajid but just the Cendol: 1 with brown sugar, 1 without it. I also bought some Brunei biscuits for them.

Johnny's friend (whom I have forgotten what his name was erk!!) ate almost all the Ambuyat and he loved the 'cacah binjai and tempoyak' or dip. In fact, he loves durian so much, unlike my other European colleagues. He also loved the fern vegetables and the 'belachan' paste. I must say, he ate almost everything served on the table! Bravo my friend!! :D We parted an hour later cause I had a date with Maya, her hubby and Rena for a trip on Brunei River Night Safari Tour with the Mona Flora Fauna. You can read the details of my first trip on the same tour here. Also see the pictures here.

Our tour guide was Kim, a Bruneian who looks so much like an Orang Putih! Sharul in fact asked her her nationality; where she came from. Apparently, her father is Bruneian but her mom is English. That explains the looks :) She's pretty cool and knows a lot of stuff, which I had learnt from the other guides under Mona Flora Fauna like Azman and Faisal. The tour was okay, though I found my first outing was better than today. This was because we didn't get to 'play' about with the fireflies, and we didn't get to see the crocodiles upclose like last time. We only managed to see 2 baby crocs and maybe a big one, as we only heard it splash into the water! Of course we managed to see the Proboscis Monkeys! The 2 German tourists going with us seemed to be enjoying the trip, though one of them doubted the baby crocs as some floating sticks!! Hahaha :P

We had dinner at a restaurant in the Water Village then we went back to shore at almost 10pm. We took a group picture before we left home. I dropped off Sharul at his place and zoomed back home, where I was welcomed with the aroma of barbecued chickens, lambs and sausages! My cuzzies, aunts and uncles are here at the moment, still barbecuing but I gotta pull back from the crowd as I have to pack my stuff for KK! But then, just couldn't resist sharing you my day today so here I am blogging with my room full with whatever I am gonna packed after this hehehe :P

Phew! A long day for me there huh!! Gotta go now peeps and will see you soon after I come back to Brunei this 31st. Of course with more posts of my days out to KK and the sceneries of Dinawan Resort Island!! :)

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