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Friday, 18 December 2009

The bride's Berbedak and Berpacar ceremonies :)

It's been a long day today. I was out since morning, with Sharul, to get some second hand tyres for my Kia. We needed to replace two before our trip to KK next week (can't wait!!!). By noon, mission's accomplished and I had to get ready for Yanti's Berbedak ceremony at 2pm. Sharul had to skip this function as he had to bring the car for engine servicing and to Muara to ask for the so-called ferry travel to KK. If it's in operation, we'll take the ferry instead rather than having to go all the way from Limbang to KK, which would take us 6 hours of driving. The ferry would take only 3 hours the most. They said, it'd start functioning on 22nd. We'll see to that!

Anyway, the bride looked stunning during her Berbedak ceremony. Too bad the make-up artist's been booked the whole year through nexy year *sigh* She was wearing pink and her 'ayam-ayam' (not sure what it's called erk!) looked so heavy! Indeed it was! Yanti felt so. After the ceremony, the 3 of us took her pictures since her cameramen were scehduled to be at the groom's (it was a separate function for the couple). It was funny yet tiring for all of us. The moment we took the bride to her room, she couldn't wait to take off the heavy accessories on her head. Poor Yanti hehehe :D

By 5pm, we started to help the bride getting ready for her next function: Berpacar ceremony. It's a bit informal coz it only involved close knit family members. So we decided to have her hair up and her tiara completed her beauty tonight :) A reminder for myself: ready with hairspray! Her hair would've looked better I bet. But she still looked stunningly beautiful :')

Here are the some of the many pictures I took, of course some taken by others when I was with the bride ;) Enjoy the photos! :)
The bride getting ready for the Berbedak ceremony
A few shots with us cousins before going to the pelaminan downstairs :)
The bunga telurs filled with Ferraro Roche and sweets for the guests
My dad menepung tawar the bride :)
Me taking the opportunity to menepung tawar the bride too :)
Poses from the bride, guided by us hehehheheee :P
Us cousins with the bride :D Happy moments!
More poses before getting ready for Berpacar ceremony
Done by me and Jimah ;)
Skipping lunch, we had pizza for our dinner ;p
A tujuh keliling ritual before the Berpacar ceremony: something new to me and the bride
Part of the ritual, blowing off the candles and the pengangun gesturing the candles to some parts of the bride's body. Never seen this before really .. Very exciting to me :)
Our aunts taking a photo with the bride before the ceremony started
My mum memacari the bride :)
Us again! :)
Isn't she the prettiest!! :')


Lulu said...

Yanti is sooo lawaaa :) congratulate her for me

Suzila A said...

i know! lawa brabis kannn.. :D am sure she's reading your comment here too ;) tomorrow is her wedding. can't wait to see how she'll look tomorrow. they'll be wearing pink! :D don't worry. the husband is fair skin so he wouldn't look so bad in it hehehee :D

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