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Friday, 4 December 2009

The ulcer alert!

Fluffy stayed overnight again. She was okay last night, though was a bit different. She was a bit moody. She woke me up in the middle of the night to play with and I did stay awake to play along then fell asleep. But this morning, she was passive. And feverish. She was shaky even. Like she's sick or something. She's weak now :(

Sleeping in my arms, I'm hoping she'll be fine. Sharul is on his way picking us up now. I don't think we'll wait till tomorrow to bring her to the government vet. Friends also suggested me to bring her soon and upon Snow Shoe and Rozi's advice, I learnt that Fluffy has ulcers! I checked her gums and there are red dots here and there. Her breath also smells bad, like it has been the past weeks. We thought it was nothing. And ulcers can cause fatal to cats. I didn't know ... Never had I thought I'd cry for a cat :'(

She's sleeping still now. Her breathing is fast. I hope she'll make it. We're going to Petlink or Anicare later. With very limited knowledge of cats, I am greatly thankful to cat experts out there! Really I do!!

My Fluffy a moment ago, before again dozing off to sleep ... :(


Lulu said...

owwhhh... i hope Fluffy gets well soon.. give her a hug from me, the cat-torturer :)

Anonymous said...

omg I hope Fluffy will be okay =(( cian dia....

Suzila A said...

we went to angel, petlink & anicare tapi semua tutup. they closed at 5pm. what do i know .. tsk tsk :(

she's staying with me again tonight coz i wanna bring her to the vet first thing tomorrow morning. sharul is even thinking of being absent from work tomorrow. we're really worried :(

she's sleeping next to me now. she just had her dinner and a bit of water. hope she'll make it :(

Anonymous said...

As long as dia makan insyaAllah she'll be ok. she needs energy to fight back.

Nothing really u can do for now but wait for the vets to open. Just make sure she drinks a lot of water. I would a syringe to feed my cat soft food and water. but water is very2 important.

I hope she'll be ok.

Suzila A said...

Fluffy is better when i left today, though she still refused to eat her meal (i gave her raw food: chicken meat that i boiled as advised by the doc), but she did drink a lot of water. she's moody too. i think dia marah sebab i bawa dia jumpa doctor erk!

she's back with sharul now. i hope she's doing better by tonight coz she still had high body temp. the last time i checked. can't wait to see her tomorrow!

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