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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The first two attempts

It's half past 1am and I just finished making my very own 'buku hantaran' :) It was just a trial as I only attended a class on bookmaking but not the making of 'buku hantaran'. Somehow I just took the basic steps at bookmaking as I had learnt and voila! I did two! :)

It's always been my dream to make something by my own for my special day. Now the engagement is in a few hours and Alhamdulillah, one of the many dreams has come true :) I know it's just a simple touch but I am proud of it!

Sharul's theme this Friday will be grey and white while mine will be blue and grey. So adding this and that together, I managed to show our themes for that day :) Well, have a look. To Rozi, thank you for the class you gave us. I sure learnt a lot! Thank you so much! :)

The inside
I like the little things that make this simple book look .. 'something' :)
Ours :)

PS: I went out with Sharul tonight (which was last night now) and we had a talk about how we managed to get through 8 years in our relationship. Then I added, "So, is this our last date?" He smiled and answered, "I think so." LoL! I wonder how different it will be after we get engaged. One thing I hope for sure is LESS SMALL FIGHTS! ;)

And finally Sharul made the time to make his own Baju Melayu. Unfortunately, the 'kain' I bought for him did not match with mine so we had to go out finding another, this time bringing my baju along hehehe :P He met his friend who just got married last week and saw my baju in Sharul's hands. The usual comment's heard: "Jangan tah batah-batah. Siok kawin ani!" LoL! No comment to that pal! Hehehe ;)


Rozi said...

Very nice, that's what teachers hope for, application of lessons learnt to something new yet similar. Quite partial to the grey one tho, hehe XD

Lulu said...

Congrats, Suzi & Sharul :) am very happy for both of you! May the new year bring lots of happiness to both of you!

Suzila A said...

Hi Rozi! Heee :D thanks! I couldn't find thicker cardboard like the one we used in your class so I ended up using a thinner one, with orange base so I had to cover it with white pieces of paper. I took more time doing the grey one than the blue. They're simple but I am happy with the outcome :) Thanks to you again teacher! :D

Suzila A said...

Thanks Lulu :D I actually wanted to invite BLA+1 tomorrow but I think better not coz it's new year. Usually we spend time with families during this time of the year so .. But if you guys still wanna come, you're most welcome! :) It's from 3pm to 4pm. Sharul's families will be arriving at my place at 4pm :)

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