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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The headache over exam no 2

I just got home now and my head is so heavy with whatever that I have read since this morning. We met up at Louie's after 10am and now the time shows 30 past 4pm. Imagine how crammed my head is!! But honestly, I don't think I could make sense of whatever that we discussed today. It's like, I read it and it evaporated into thin air as I thought it out loud.

This paper is so unlike the exam no 1. It's full of facts and procedures. The bilangan numbers and such are just too many. Surat keliling, codes, bla bla bla. What's more frustrating is, as we referred to past year exam papers, the questions were simple but the answers would go as long as 3 pages!! How on earth are we gonna be able to get full marks when most of them are facts and numbers?? Mati ehhh .... The thing is, most of us do not have the experience in managing finance at work. Those who work under the finance section would definitely find it easy lah kan ...

I can't do this people. I just can't *sigh*

Now not to mention the language presentation in the notes. Diana is a Bahasa Melayu teacher. Even she can't understand certain sentences in the books! What's more us, not the Bahasa Melayu linguists! God help us!!

Okay, am gonna fail this paper. Definite! *sigh*

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