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Saturday, 19 December 2009

The great once in a while get together outing : )

Today was great! :) I went to see Baby Sarah for a photo-shoot with her mother and Rena. It was great fun especially when it's the baby's first day out :D She looked at everything with her eyes showing awes. What an adorable baby. So cute!! :D I hope Armie would give me copies of the pictures taken today. I wanna keep them for memoir :) *yes Armie. I know you'd read this! ;)*

My Sharul showed up after work not long after we arrived and taken a few snaps. Like me, he found Baby Sarah irresistible! She is sooooo chubby! And when she smiles, any heart would melt with it :D I couldn't let go of her. Maya, I know I sound 'uber' here but hey! I think am in love with your baby!!! Heeeee :D
Chubby kann!! Eeeeee..... :D
First day out, she's the centre of some ... clowns! :D Next, KK. Then ...? ;)
Photographers in action ;) Armie's got super cool camera!! You should see his trunk!!
This is my favourite picture of all. Bonding moment's captured! :)
My lovely friends and lovely baby girl :)
*wink wink* ;)
The proud parents :)
Last shots before parting. She cried when her mummy said: Wanna follow Mummy Suzi and Uncle Sharul? Hehehe.. Damit2 sudah pintar! :D

By almost 6pm, we agreed to meet up for dinner an hour later on. Sharul needed to freshen up while Baby Sarah needed to be fed. It's not good to keep her out too long since she's only 3 months now.

So, just afer 7pm, we met up at Fleur-de-lyss Qlap Mall. We had planned to watch "Avatar" too so dinner was a must ;) I met Rena's friend (and I forgot her name already yikes! So bad of me ...), and we sat next to each other in the movie. She's pretty cool :D I hope she wouldn't mind me being so hecticly noisy on some parts of the movie coz I couldn't help it! It's one movie that worth 5.5 million US Dollar and really worth my $9 ticket! A super duper awesome movie. And this is coming from someone who doesn't really like science fiction. Go figure! :D
After the movie. We all said: it's worth the $9 ticket!!

It was nice meeting friends whom I seldom see. And of course, having Baby Sarah around made it much much memorable outing ever :')

Good night Baby Sarah. Mummy Suzi misses you already .. mwahh!! :)


Lulu said...

OMG baby Sarah soooo chubby! cuuteeee

Princess Gizmo said...

Eeehhhh mcm bukan Baby Sarah dlm 1st pic ah!! Hehehe cuteeeeeeeee.... Hahaha her own mummy still find her irresistible!! :D

Insya-Allah will try to give you the copies of the pictures ok? Next time outing I want all her 3 godmothers ada.. Too bad my other friend in KK.

Anyway our friend atu, her name is Rine (pronounce rai-ni) :) it's ok since last night was your 1st time meeting her :)

Oh yes!! I was glad we had fun watching that movie!!! Will try to update my blog later ;)

Suzila A said...

Lulu, i know right!! eeeeee :P

Maya, thanks! :D am ON with the next next outings with your baby ;)

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