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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The pets' updates

The exam was finally over. I left the exam hall 30 minutes before it actually ended. As expected, I couldn't really think of the answers of the questions though I practically had some ideas of "what" to write. Well, I wrote crap actually! So, yeah. Leaving the room, I told myself to be ready to see the big "F" on the result board next month. I did my best but I don't think it would be much appreciated since I only knew basics but not details of the facts and figures of whatever topics questioned.

So, I spent the rest of the day today at Sharul's, playing with the kitties and the hamsters. Dale, the female hamster, seemed to be gaining weight so fast the past few weeks. Chip, the male one, stays the same. So I thought that she could be pregnant. Who knows! Sharul separated the two into different cages but when doing the cleaning up, they'd be put in the same one. So yeah, pregnancy could happen.

I guessed it right! She WAS pregnant! :D It was Sharul who noticed the two little red hamsters. I quote: "Oh my God!! My hamster ada babiesss!!!" LoL! Sharul was over the moon tonight hehehhee :D As usual, he would check on the cats and rodents as soon as he gets home from work. It's sweet seeing his eyes with awe checking on the little ones :D

Dale and her babies :)
Chip in another cage
My sayang happily looking at his hamsters :D

Oh by the way, we've got two new kitties. One is just about reaching 2 months, another is 3 months. We called the younger one Tiger and another Cheetah. But we have to let go of Cheetah coz Prince Whiny and Fluffy seem to be hating him so much huhu~~ They even refused to use the same litter box that Cheetah had been using - they peed and pooed in the living room. Something they had never done before so recently. Even today I realised both the prince and princess refused to take their meals unless Tiger was put far away from the food! *sigh* So sombong ehh the two!! Pfft!!!

Menyamal-ing now. Inda mau makan pasal Tiger was around. SOMBONG!!
Fluffy, sleeping all day long, her usual habit in the afternoon
The new member in our pets' world: Tiger :)
At a young age, we observe that Tiger still longs for motherly love but Fluffy is so sombong that she keeps ignoring him. But there's an improvement today. She let him sleep on her forelegs :)
Adorable aren't they! Whiny saja sombong berabisssly!!!

We like Cheetah. He's not a fluffy type but he's so friendly. He's quite big for his age I must say so we all think he'd grow as big as Prince Whiny when he's older. Too bad we had to let him go *sigh* Hope he'll get to have loving owners .. I would have loved to have him but mum would kill me! Or him!! And that would be even worse huhu~~

Staying with the kitties the whole day today have somehow left me feeling better after that difficult exam I was sitting this morning. Now I'm prepared for another re-sit. I'd take the same paper next June. As for Prince Whiny, phewww he's grown H-U-G-E! And heavy. We're quite worried about Fluffy as she seems to be remaining small since we first had her. Hope she's been cured from her sickness last time..

Me and Prince Whiny today. Basar kannn!!
Prince Whiny now is as big as Sharul's arms. Very heavy too!

PS: Just got an incoming comment post on my Fb wall. Nadiah said one of the hamster's babies didn't make it .. :( Sharul was so excited about their births ... Kesiannn the baby ....

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