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Sunday, 13 December 2009

The wasted weekend!

Many things turned out bad today. First, it was the planned reunion with my wild kidz SBAC 07. I woke up early and did some cooking for them coz I'd been looking forward to meeting them. Silly me, I went to the WRONG beach! What's worse, I couldn't find any of their numbers in my phone book list! I was like ... where did it go?? Stupid phone! I really need a new phone soon pfft!!!

So, finding out that I went to the wrong beach (after scrolling down messages in my Facebook inbox - which took hours to download!! Arrghh!!), I drove to the next door beach, only to find out that the road going into the area was BLOCKED by the police for God knows why! That left me with sideroads spaces which were really REALLY far away from the beach. I mean, it was hot and to walk in the sun was not my most favoured idea of fun! And the pasta .. no way!

So, just before 1pm, I decided to leave, heading towards Sharul's, then to my uncle's to give his kids the pasta I cooked. Didn't wanna waste the food. Then off we went to the movie watching "Storm Warriors". We liked it and I cried on some touching scenes *tsk tsk*. It's the hormonal week and I hate it! I also cried watching "Blind Side" at Raheemah's yesterday. Gawd!! It's a really good movie. "Storm Warriors" too. You should go watch 'em!

So back to today's story .. After the movie, it's one of the many occasions when Sharul would meet online strangers he met in Brudirect. Since he's got his nose on this site, he's got so hooked up that he keeps changing phones with dozens of people for no reason. Or just for fun I must say. So today, the only day that he's free, the only day he could spend the whole day with me, he met this guy. It had been a long day so I dozed off waiting in the car, only to wake up after almost an hour of sleeping. Before that, we waited for almost 30 minutes for that stupid guy to turn up!

I rang up Sharul. He didn't pick up. I dialed the other number, also no answer. So that's it! I got angry, so angry that soon as he got into the car I lost my temper. I couldn't believe he even asked: "What's with the temper?" Damn it! Nda ya sadar kah ku nunggu batah! What's worse, he came back WITH his very same phone! NOT without! That stupid guy in the end did NOT swap the phone at all! What a waste of our time!! MY time!!! Arrrghhh!!!! :@

I got so angry that after dropping off Sharul at his place, I took the wheel over and drove like crazy!

And now, I am still really REALLY angry!! Kerja gila!!! Grrrrr!!! :@

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